For fun!!!! Do you have a hero(es)? Who and why?

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    I was just thinking about this the other day. I don't have a clearcut hero, but there are people I admire, both close to me and public figues. I'll give it a shot, then you tell us if you admire anyone a lot or have a hero and why :) This is strictly for fun, no controversy :)

    Ok, in my personal life, I have to say I really admire my son Sonic who had so much adversity and has surpassed all predictions for his future. Sweet child, such a blessing to us! Jumper too has overcome many odds and I admire her greatly as I do my daughter Julie (((Hugs to all three))). I admire my husband for his kind, loving heart. When you have suffered abuse, it is easy to love/admire anyone who is kind.

    In the public eye, I really have few heroes. I do admire Rosa Parks...will never forget her bravery and she took a big chance when she did what she did. I would say my closest current public figure who I admire greatly is Hillary Clinton.

    Ok, who's next???
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    My Mom. Hands down.

    The explanation isn't "fun" but...

    My grandparents had 3 kids in a hurry - Mom, and her two brothers. Both her brothers died - the first at 4 days old, the second was stillborn. Mom was about a year old when her first brother was born, two when the second was delivered. So she knew about them but no memories. However... My Grandma, though she loved my Mom to distraction, was an addict and verbally abusive... I think she went a little crazy when she had to carry the second son till her body went into labor. I know that'd make me nuts. Grandpa was a WWII Marine and had been brought up that the women took care of the children, though he did an awful lot for my Mom that men "wouldn't". Now I have to admit, Grandma would've fit right in at the Hatter's Tea Party, but she did LOVE my Mom, and later Dad and I. And I know she would ADORE Belle, Pat and Rose.

    BUT - growing up this way gave my Mom a spine of steel, a sense of justice and the need for hard work... And taught her that it is possible to love through devastation.
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    A friend of mine that has passed away, Charlotte. She had pancreatic cancer and died two years ago. She had a great faith that I admired so much and she never complained not once during her treatments, and thru all the pain, I never heard a complaint. We had an argument (my fault) and we made up very shortly before she died. I miss her but her strength was incredible.

    My dad, who has Parkinson's and isn't doing very well, has let me down a lot in the last 25 years but the first 21 years he was definately my hero. sheltering me from my mother's abuse and trying to stand up to her.

    My dog Broady- when i was having a breakdown, he was there doing what a lot of dogs do naturally, give love and all of that, but there was a difference. He seemed to know which side of my body ached and he'd lay on that side and it would be a comfort and warm. If it were a really bad day, he wouldn't mind not getting a walk or whatever else was in our "normal" routine. I learned I had sleep apnea because I was asleep in a chair and quit breathing three times, and all three times he jumped off the bed, and put his paws on my chest and startled me awake. I went to the Dr. and am now on a cpap machine that helps. When I didnt want to go on because of depression, I knew that I had to because there wasn't anyone who was going to love him and spend time with him like I was. I have said this before in my posts, but having him in my life is like Christmas Morning to a kid. He's now 4 years old. I pray he stays a long time with me.
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    My dad! He raised us with an amazing sense of humor, has a ton of patience, a great work ethic and so much more. I could go on but then this would be come a mini novel; my dad is the best!
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    There were many Heroes along the way.

    My grandma who stepped in when necessary and did my basic raising......gave me my foundation. The woman worked 2-3 jobs much of her adult life to raise her own 7 children alone after leaving her schizo drunken abusive husband back in the late 30's when such things were rarely done. Several of those children were difficult children and made an already tough job even harder. It was her practical wisdom that got me through the worst parts of raising my own difficult children.

    My aunt Janet who stepped in along side grandma or when she couldn't do so. It was from her I learned the practical and fun side of mothering. I learned rules were rules but even a parent can let down their hair and have fun with their kids........that even a woman with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can let 3 bored kids on a rainy day upturn the furniture in the family room and play make believe jungle ect and that was ok. She injected pure fun and creativity into my life.......and that both were good and ok to have.

    The man I call Dad, obviously not my biodad, who taught me what a real man is. He took on 5 little (very) kids when he married my mom, accepted us instantly as his own.....even if my eldest bro hated his guts because he wasn't biodad. He loved us. He worked his rear off for us. Even though that marriage only lasted 5 yrs he did NOT abandon us. He stayed best friends with Mom and he remained our Dad until the day he left this earth in every since of the word. Even though Mom went on to remarry.

    The geometry teacher who would not give up on me......even though when it comes to geometry I'm dumb as a box of rocks......and took time before school, after school, and during my study halls to help me not only pass but get an A in her class because she knew I wanted to go to college.

    The junior high english teacher who gave me my love of books, old radio shows, old movies..........and taught me I'm not stupid when it comes to language or spelling, I just needed proper motivation. Awesome man with a creative way of teaching/motivating his students to succeed.

    The 75 yr old woman at work who shows up each day, never complains, does the same physically demanding job as the rest of us. Why? Because she has 3 other families living with her due to the economy and she is the only one bringing in a decent paycheck with full time. By darn if she can do it, so can I.
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    My Mom. Absolutely No doubt. Heroine! Anyone that can survive what she did with such grace and dignity! WOW.