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    What is UP with HBO and their 47 minute long shows???? Do they not know that is NOT an hour? That is supposed to be an hour. I WANT MY FULL HOUR!!!!!!!!!! It was just getting good!!!! I HATE cliffhangers. It's probably a good thing husband and difficult child weren't here when the credits rolled....I probably would have scared the bejeebers out of them when I started yelling at the tv!!! LOL

    Any theories on what that was that Sookie did?
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    Stang - I saw your post, had it DVR'd and then had to go watch. OMG!

    I'm thinking a few things on the Sookie thing. Could it be the classic good v evil thing? Could it be something that what's his name (the Sherriff in Tx - begins with a D) passed to her? Something that she's always had but never knew?

    They better answer THAT one next week. These short series drive me nuts!

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    I was talking with someone else tonight about our theories. She mentioned something from the books that made me wonder. Have you read them? Do you remember what came out about Sookie's heritage in the last few books? I wonder if it is something to do with that. If you haven't read the books, pm me and I'll explain. I don't want to put anything up that could be a spoiler.
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    Hey! Sent a pm! I'm DYIN' over here!

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    I didn't even read your post! Since it was difficult child's birthday, I watched endless Family Guy episdoes with him last night!!!!!

    I can't decide whether I should watch last night's episode this morning, or wait until's my fav show on tv and I am on book 8 of the Sookie series!

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  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I so NEED to get the books! I am dying here.
    But last night was so good.
    I have no idea what Sookie did, but she is gonna do it again next week!!! She must have either cleared Maryann's mind or entered it, or forced something into it (good). Maybe what she did to Tara was a clue? Am I crazy?
    I can't wait for the town war!!!
    What did Bill see at the end? Who is the Queen? Is it the lady always on the news? Can't remember her name.

    I love how Jason's character has completely done a 180!

    I kind of like not having read the books, because I have no idea what is going to happen.... I am sitting on the couch in such suspense!
    I may get the books once the season ends.
    2 more episodes right? I may watch last nights again!
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    Yep. Only two more episodes.

    You really do need to read the books but don't worry too much about knowing what will happen. LOL They have kept some things like the book and have gone completely off road with other stuff. A couple of examples....Tara in the books is totally different than Tara in the show and doesn't even show up until book 2 or 3. The whole thing with Jason and the Fellowship of the Sun doesn't even happen in the books. However, if they use some of what happens in one of the books....he is in for an "interesting" future. Also, Jessica isn't even in ANY of the books.

    As for the Queen....I don't think it is the person you are thinking of. In the books she is a very old vampire but appears very young as she was turned when she was in her mid teens. Sookie describes her in one of the books as looking around 15 or 16.

    Your library should have the books...just be sure you read them in order. Each season of the show is one book but like I said....TB doesn't follow the books exactly. And even when they do use a same plot line...there are still differences. I'm glad too as I really like....erm....never mind! Don't want to ruin that for you when you read the books! :winks:
  9. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well I can read book 2 now since this season is ending!!!! Actually I am going to start over and now read them maybe with the season ending it will keep me happy!
    We have a great used book store here!
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    I really love this series. I was riveted to last season and was really looking forward to watching this season... now it's almost over. :sad-very:

    So here's my question:

    Maryanne? What is she and what will happen with all of those bug eyed people under her spell?

    I guess I'll have to get a copy of those books to read after this season's episodes end...
  11. mstang67chic

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    That could be a spoiler of sorts so I'm PM'ing you.