For those of us with chronic pain issues

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    Many of us here have diseases which cause chronic pain and fatigue or know someone who has one.

    Many of us have family and friends who don't "get it" when it comes to living life the way we must.

    I have seen this story on several sites, but this is, I think, the original writer. It is a way to explain the way we get through the day using spoons.

    If you know someone struggling to understand a relative with a chronic disease or injury, share this site with them. It just might help them (and maybe you?) understand the challenges you face.
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    I live with someone with chronic pain. This article is a good one.
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    It's a really good analogy. I've used a different analogy for years - the jug of energy. I never know when I get up, how full my jug will be, or how fast the supply will be used up. The energy is like fuel for the tank, I need it to do everything I need to do (including eating, bathing, gettibng dressed, going to the toilet, shopping etc). Sometimes the jug is only half full, somtimes a quarter full. Some days are great, I have a bit more. And some days, I can be sparinbg with the energy becasue my body doesn't waste it, but other days it's exhausting just to be me, so it's like the jug is spilling everywhere, or has a bad leak.
    And you have to adapt for this, for what you self-assess yourself to be each day.

    Some medications can help, can reduce the rate of spill or help you refill the jug faster. But even on the best days, my jug is not as full or as usable as other people's. So I have had to learn to get by with my old, cracked, leaking jug (mentally it has blue flowers printed on it, so at least it LOOKS good!).

    I just had to stop typing this to go answer te door - the local JWs visiting to hand out tracts. "You're looking wonderful," she said.
    "Thank you," I told her. "It just shows how looks can be deceptive - I'm back on prednisone."
    "How's your husband? Last you told me, his health wasn't good."
    "HE'S back on prednisone too, as of last night. But at least we LOOK good!"

    And that's life, with chronic pain.

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    I love this spoon idea. I think I once sent a link for it to timerlady. I think my kids may have forgotten - yesterday they saw a commercial on tv for one of my medications. it warned of possible side effects. my kids freaked. sigh. um....hey without these medications I was a quadriplegic laying groaning in a dark room 24 7. & yes even with the medications I have to be careful & mindful & ration & pace. anything that helps explain it to others is a good thing.
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    I love this story. I used it several years ago to try and get the point across to some people who were attempting to judge me and my health problems. You know the kind...Oh just try will get your mind off things! "My back hurts too after I (insert workout method of choice) but I just get up and do it all over again and so can you!"
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    Thanks for posting this. I have relatively minor (but still chronic) pain issues. I had given this to husband a while back and explained that I was pretty lucky I had most of my spoons most days, but sometimes my supply runs shorts. I still don't think he got it.

    But he has had dental pain for about three weeks now due to an ill-fitting temporary crown and has had to function at his "normal" level. He indicated that I couldn't possibly understand what he was going through. I gently reminded him that my pain issues started when I was 18 so I did understand how much pain wipes you out.

    I hope he understands more and that his tooth pain finally resolves (his permanent crown was put on yesterday and the nerve seems less irritated today, though he is still in some discomfort).
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    I've not seen this before, but it is a wonderful story. I'm going to bookmark it. :)

    Chronic pain has been a part of my life for a quarter of a century. There are good days and bad days.......and of course the horrible days. Recently when both my girls have had their kidney issues they asked me how on earth I've stood the pain for so long? And most especially without pain medications. But you just do because there is no other choice.

    This will come in handy when the memory of their own pain fades and they forget.

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    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to book mark it and read it later when I have a bit more time. WFEN
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    Well......if you're all spoons:D
    and Abby is a SPORK ;)
    What does that make me? :tongue:

    (hugs Sus)