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    I have always had issues with my teeth and gums. I've had 8 teeth pulled because of problems. And I despise the dentist. When they scrape my teeth during a cleaning, it takes a good 20 minutes or more and every tooth needs scraping.

    In early May, I listened to a podcast about I thought I would try their brushing blend. It's a mixture of oils: cinnamon, peppermint, spearment, clove, myrrh, manuka and Almond oils. It's very weird brushing your teeth with oil but it has an amazing effect.

    I went to the dentist yesterday to have my teeth cleaned. He told me I have very health gums (a first!), I scored 3s on the peridontal charts (except for one tooth that was a 4) when I scored 4 on all my teeth the last time I went. I only needed 3 teeth scraped and it was very little scraping at that. And where my teeth with getting transparent, they have filled in and are no longer see-through.

    I was noticing a big difference in the mirror after the first month of using this stuff. The trip to the dentist just confirmed that things are getting better. In fact, the dentist wants me to bring it in with me the next time I come in. He's interested in anything that can help with peridontal issues.

    So, thought I would share for anyone else who would like to try something different. Oh, and my teeth sensitivity is gone.
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    Wow. Sounds like a great product. How do you buy it? Online ? In stores? Wondering if it's available here in Canada
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    Sounds awesome. :)

    I met a lady via my grandma once, she was in her 90's and had all her own teeth, no real dental work at all, and they were pretty too. My grandma who lost hers in her 40s asked her how on earth? (because they looked like dentures) She said when she was little, they were taught to "brush" with their finger and baking soda paste. She never liked brushes or toothpaste. So she'd done that all her life. Now this was when I was like 6 or 7 so I'm 48 now, you can imagine how long ago it was.

    In my extended family via my great aunt there are many dentist, orthodontist and surgeons. I remember them talking at family gatherings and trying to tell family members how brushing with toothpaste actually wears down the enamel because the combination is too abrasive. Braces are terrible for this too of course.

    Interesting. I wonder if it would be possible to find a recipe for the blend somewhere. Not that I need it anymore, but my girls would probably be interested. :)
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    Sounds like it would help Hubby. Do you get it from the website?
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    I order it on line through It comes from Hawaii and they are very fast with their delivery. And they send a tooth brush with the bottle. It's $29 with shipping, but if it keeps my dental costs down it's worth it to me.
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    I may have to try that for my easy child. He was born without enamel on his teeth- they turned black and broke before his 2nd set came in. Now his teeth are a mess. My father in law has all false teeth and this poor guy is headed in that direction. He's only 20. Thanks for sharing.