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    easy child and I discovered a co-op where we can get a half bushel of fresh organic produce for 15.00 / a bushel for 30, what it is depends on what is available.....but since we eat just about everything known to man and are willing to try just about anything, it ought to work out ok. I sent Nichole the link and she's going to use them too. They deliver to town once a month, so even she can handle that. The co-op has green houses so they have produce year round. During warmer planting/harvesting season, fields are done with horse/mule and old time equipment.

    But organic usually means more I figured I'd post these in case someone else would like to use them.
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    Hound - for where you are located, also don't forget to look at the Amish farmers. They aren't certified "organic" (won't do so because of their beliefs on government) but they are "no spray". Each state has different regulations as to what is organic, but in Ohio it means no chemical pesticides or herbicides are used or have been used for 10 years, and no GM. The store my son works for has property in Adams County and they also bring a lot of Amish grown stuff in. Prices are usually very reasonable for in season stuff.
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Thanks skeeter. :)

    I was coming back from a funeral down south of here, got lost (of course) and drove past a large Amish store in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. I know which highway I was on US 50, but not exactly where it was located. I'd like to find it again. After driving nearly to kentucky that day having been turned around by back roads and construction, we were late getting home and didn't have time to stop. I've as yet been brave enough to just hop in the car and drive down 50 and find it again. But am planning to while out and about yard saleing.

    We'll also have younger couples set up at a nearby gas station and if we see them we always stop and try to buy something.
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    Hound, the Earthbound Farms Q states "good on any EB product" you don't have to use it on blueberries. Be careful when using pdfs they will all have the same scanning code and some stores don't like that.