Monday's Rewind Update

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I've come to the decision that someone in this case is blowing smoke up my behind and telling its frankincense


The repairs I had down last year are still holding. The ONLY thing wrong with my roof is ONE course of shingles that is showing some signs of wear. I will have those replaced to the tune of about 300 hundred dollars if it ever quits raining.

So, the mitigation company calls. I tell them of the adjuster's findings. They inform me that there is "no way everything dried out overnight". They will take readings today, but are not going to repair the vanity today. So, that's another day's "rental" on the equipment.

Meanwhile, I called both the adjuster and the CEO of the mitigation company and told BOTH that effective immediately, I was no longer liasing between the two companies regarding this claim. I'm not an expert in either insurance or water damage. They need to communicate with each other and work this out as all I knew is that *I* wasn't paying any more towards this than my deductible.


Good job, Going.


P.S. I loved the part about going to "squoze" with Thomas.