Forgive me for chuckling...

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    I'm sure that this is wrong but I can't help but visualize some of us here who are fed up with sd problems, getting blamed if our kids don't get to school, then getting blamed for how they act at school, then just trying to have some peace while they are at school, and I guess sometimes we can just lose the self-control it takes to withstand all of it... There's probably more to this story and I'm not condoning what they did- I'm just visualing some of us warrior parents whose last nerve had just been plucked.

    I do feel bad for them though- I think about WipedOut and some other members at school having to deal with stuff and remind myself that not all parents are warrior moms.
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    thats nice.

    (safer than my opinion)
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  3. klmno

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    I know- without the facts you can look at it from either angle- either the parents have had all they can deal with and then some- or the school has. Probably, it's both.
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    I can definitely see both sides. What a mess.
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    Having 10 kids and having to deal with the SD, that would be enough to make me go postal..

  6. Andy

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    And what would they have done with the kids if the parents weren't home? Leave them there? Sit with them until the parents got home?
    I think it would have been better to keep the kids at school until the parents were notified. Even if someone had to go to the house to ask the parents to come get their kids.

    Is it school policy for employees to take a child from the school building without parental knowledge - even to take the kid home?
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    Who the h3$$ takes kids out of school with-o talking to parents first? I would have been angry myself! Way out of line, from what the info showed. Arrggghh. Poor family! and poor school workers - violence never fixes anything.
  8. klmno

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    I feel guilty for finding this funny, because of course, it's true and I would never condone something like that. When I read it, I could only visualize it like in a comedy where the school just reaches their last straw, so they take the kid home, and the parents reach the last straw. Being that it's true and not a comedy tv show, it's probably a pretty accurate symbol of what things are like when a difficult child has issues that people don't know how to deal with and the result is the school sending him home and the parents losing control. So, everyone is blaming everyone else but the kid still isn't being helped or dealt with appropriately.
  9. Andy

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    Klmno, This is probably why we really don't give each other our names and addresses on this board. We would all end up like this protecting each other.

    You can chuckle - it would be a hilareous sight for warrior moms to join force. We would win every single time though. Go Warrior Moms Go!
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    I can relate...I went after (not physically, verbally) a softball coach for the other team who was making comments about "the awful pitcher", who just happened to be my kid! It was an elementary school team, 5th and 6th graders, and this woman taught for the other school. She was standing there with "her" parents, big woman, too, close to 6 feet tall, and I'm 5'4" if I stretch, but I was in her face big time 'cause I'd had enough. And I'm loud...

    Useless Boy and his folks were at that game. Grandma was dying of embarrassment as I'm "beating up" that coach, but Useless Boy and Grandad were practically rolling on the ground in hysterics. But, at least, Miss KT knew that her mother would protect her.