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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    in my area. was at laundromat the other day, hence our stupid dryer's been broken for 3 weeks now on and off since returned from hospital.

    saw the flyer stated parents of children with mental illness. i tried doing that if you guys remember several times yet zero ppl showed when i did an open house night sort of thing.

    so, i called her and she'll call me later with info.i'm sure she's charging and is looking to make money we'll c. looking forward to her call when she gets out of work. difficult child has been a nightmare lately with-o medications super defiant at almost every turn with-me. waiting on pysch doctor's appointment. yet could use somewhere to go if i can get out of here!!!!
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    Jena, I am so glad you found a support group. I am hoping too that enough people show up to this one. I hope you find the peace you so deserve. Let me know how it goes. Shelly :goodluck:
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    I'm waiting to hear on this, too. I hope it's what you're looking for (and without cost!)
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    hi guys me too! i'm sitting here with-baited breathing helping difficult child with hw let's just say that is a nightmare right now. 2 hours of fighitng, throwing temper tantrums' and i'm like ok next? i'm waiting on my call back. she's local so that sounds hopeful for me to be able to slither out of my hell here. :)

    i will def let you guys know. i'm trying to make contact for difficult child to meet up with homeschooled kids also. omg the thought of having a friend again wow, i'm like one of those kids like difficult child now please be my friend please lol.... i had so many friends where we used to live. i'm dying here now for 3 years with-absolutely none. husband tells me i'm too picky. yet if i dont' like someone how can i be friends with-them?? ya know.... i don't talk about my coach bags (dont' have any) or where i went to dinner the night before or how big my diamond collection is that's our neighborhood. i stick out like a needle in a haystack bigtime me with-my two dogs covered in hair :)
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    I don't know about out your way, but the YMCA here has a P.E. class for homeschooled kids. Might be worth looking into, and if you get a family membership (check into financial assistance, too) you can grab a workout for yourself while she's doing her P.E. class.
  6. Jena

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    i looked into it, i had a kid there once. it's fairly a distance from where we are. so i thought i'd start with-the support group maybe those parents have kids like difficult child. than i have phone numbers to call tmrw about home schooled kids groups i found on web last night. yet their all different religious based. i finally found one that was non secular.
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    Hopefully, you are on to something. husband and I found a local support group in our area that based its model on "The Explosive Child". It was run by a husband and wife with a difficult child. Held at a local library, no cost involved. They met 1 night a month. The woman is very proactive in emailing reminders about the meetings and a lot of info too. She's even had state reps in to speak and be questioned re mental health issues/funding, etc. It was a small group, some single parents and couples too. We would have liked to have attended more, but at the time difficult child had in home services 2x week and husband and I couldn't always get a sitter if needed, but we did attend together a handful of times and it was quite cathartic.