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    Many of you probably know this, but I know some won't, or will have forgotten.

    As we enter Tax Season, be sure to remember to go to and check out the FreeFile Program. The IRS has this every year. You click on the link and it will tell you the income cut off to use the program. Last year it was around $45,000. If you made less than that you could click on any of over 100 tax preparation programs and do your taxes and file them for FREE.

    TaxCut and Turbo Tax have been available options every year. The other software programs are pretty similar, or they have been in the past. You get to file the federal taxes electronically for free. They will also prompt you to file the state taxes, though there is a fee for that.

    In this economy I urge each and every one of you to at least look at this before you buy a program or go to a tax preparer.

    FYI: The tax preparers at Walmart are using their companies version of this software when you pay them to do your taxes. Some even go through freefile to prepare your taxes. They then charge you full price.

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    By the way, TaxCut was a software that was owned by H&R Block.
    It is now called H&R Block At Home - new for 2010. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost. It really is the best do it yourself program out there.

    Just a disclaimer: I have taken over 100 hours of training from H&R Block since September. I do not know it all. But, we did look at the way some software programs can lead you astray - you really want to use H&R Block At Home.