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I've been hesitant to post this because I thought maybe this friend would go away after school started, but he hasn't. difficult child 1 has his first friend ever!!!! I'm so happy for him. Its the neighbor kid that just moved in. He is a few years older than difficult child 1 and just lets difficult child 1's weirdness roll off his back. He didn't even make fun of difficult child 1 pooping his pants last Thursday. Apparntly, he is has adhd and has a hard time keeping friends too. He is a nice kid and while he is hyper he is so calm compared to difficult child 1. He isn't defiant and difficult child 1 treats difficult child 2 and easy child better while around him. I'm happy and hope it lasts. :smile:


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Wow! Congrats! I'm guessing the friend's a bit immature and that's why he hangs around with-younger kids?
It took a long time for my difficult child to have good friends, too. He'd play with-friends at school or church, but never have play dates at home. He was invited to birthday parties but never expressed an interest in following through with-other kids until he was about 7. It was difficult for me, because my easy child came out of the womb with-half the neighborhood in tow, LOL!
Good luck, and may the good luck continue. (And I know how you feel about hating to post about it ... it's like some weird juju--or is that mojo--that happens when you post something good, LOL!)


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That's really good.

We found that our boys tend to attract friends who are similar. difficult child 3 has a close friend who is four years younger and also autistic (although milder than difficult child 3). He also has another friend who is also a few years younger, but is not autistic. She IS very bright, though.

difficult child 1 formed strong friendships at school with the 'weird kids' who, we're sure, are also Aspie or similar. One definitely has a diagnosis of Asperger's (he's worse than difficult child 1) and two others are severe ADHD with a few question marks. easy child 2/difficult child 2's BF2 is unmedicated ADHD. They're making long-term plans.

Far from discouraging these friendships, I have allowed them. Although I did have to ban difficult child 1's friends for a while, for being very inappropriate (socially) with difficult child 3, because they didn't understand how to handle him and were being aggressive - in MY house! Not acceptable. The severe Aspie, I never had to ban. He continued to visit, bringing his pet snakes with him as a treat. He would obsess to difficult child 1 about snakes, difficult child 1 would obsess back about eagles. Neither listened to the other but both felt heard. it was fascinating to watch!



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Great news for your difficult child!! :bravo: So nice he now has a close friend - here's hoping it continues!!

I so wish this would happen for our difficult child, too. He has one fairly true blue friend who is a year older and has some issues as well, but because difficult child hasn't spent any real length of time in our regular sd since the beginning of 3rd grade, most of his friends have lost touch. This one friend is a bit over the top and I have to be on top of my game to allow difficult child to have him over for a play date. Mostly, they just talk on the telephone. Works for both of them, seemingly. It is hard to find time for them to get together bcuz difficult child was in ESY program and his friend spends weeks at a time at their family camp, etc. Summer has gotten away from us.

difficult child gets so frustrated, because easy child is a social butterfly and most of the kids on our street are either girls or they are all easy child's age.

This school year won't be any different - he is scheduled to be in a 8:1:1 program in a sd 40 minutes away.

Anywhoo, congrats to your difficult child! Enjoy!! :wink:


That's so nice to hear. It makes your mommy heart smile.

I think it's pretty common for kids with issues to seek out younger kids to be friends with. The younger kids tend to look up to them and don't expect as much. difficult child does much better with younger kids than with peers.


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YEAH!!! I am so glad to hear a happy post!!! I hope they can remain friends...