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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by CATS, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. CATS

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    Hi all
    I'm new here and just trying to get my bearings. Wondering if there is anyone else around from the south pacific?

    I guess I'll get a handle on the acronyms and abbreviations eventually.

    I'm a single mum with three kids, boy 21, trainee chef and doing well; g 19, just moved home, expecting 1st babe in January; b 15 and a bundle of trouble - diagnosed ADHD as a child, currently before the courts for burglary, suggested he has bipolar or CD. We're working through the system ... :faint: feeling rather jaded and wondering if it will ever end, or at least get better.

    look forward to being here and learning more ...
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    Hi CATS and welcome! You aren't alone anymore. The forum that you posted your thread (the Watercooler) is for "non-difficult child" topics, kind of off-topic small talk. That's why I moved the thread to our General Forum. You'll get more responses to your introduction here.

  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Welcome CATS. We have a couple of members from Australia. I think you're the first New Zealander who's posted in a long while.

    Is your difficult child (gift from God) child on any medications for the ADHD? If they now suspect bipolar, the medications for that are VERY different, and it's possible anything he's taking for ADHD could make the bipolar symptoms worse.

    I'm sorry you're going through all this drama with him now. There are others here who have been in your shoes, so hopefully they'll pop in and say hello, too.

    Welcome again!
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    Adding in my welcome, glad you found us!
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    I'm from Sydney, if that's any help. We get the occasional Kiwi passing through, it's good to have another friendly southern hemisphere face! (love NZ, by the way - we were there a couple of years ago).

    One advantage you and I have, is a health system that doesn't bankrupt us. Use it. I would be considering getting his diagnosis re-evaluated, it always pays to keep challenging it just to make wsure it's still a good fit. There are also new medications and new techniques all the time, it's valuable to keep touching base.

    Read "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. Grab a library copy. You will see your son in the first few chapters. It helps. You take what feels like a good fit and leave the rest. We found it made our life easier and our difficult child 3 a lot more manageable.

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    Welcome to the board. It will be a good place to learn and talk, and vent when needed!!! Glad you are aboard.

    I think that a sticky with the acronysm and abbreviations would be great. I have been on other boards for years, but still have to sit and thinks on some used, and have some I don't get.
  7. CATS

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    Hi again
    Thanks for the warm welcome. This is a first on many levels, ive never been in any chat rooms, or on any boards, or forums. And I've relied on the health system here to help me with my son - and that hasn't been working so well. I joined a Tough Love group recently, does anyone have any experience with them?
    Hopefully I've got my sig worked out ... and if not, i'll try again.