Funny what happens when you hold a Dr to task -

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    So a follow up to Matt's back spinal situation ~~~

    I went back to the original Dr and sat down with him and said "lets talk about this MRI".
    "Its great" he says again, "No problems."
    I said, "Really than what about right here where it says lower lumbar facet arothropathy".
    "Oh well that is arthritis of the spine", and he goes into much detail about how the spine works, blah, blah, blah.
    Matt then says "Well it really *%$&ing hurts (Nice Matt - lovely choice of phrasing - good God.)
    The Dr started to say something else, and I said, "you know what really worries me more is right here where it states he has narrowing of the spine on both upper and lower that is resulting in mild bilateral foraminal stenosis. He came in here for incontinence, which can be one of the symptoms of stenosis."

    He takes the paper from my hand, and just looks at it. I said "there are 2 reports here you know - upper and lower - they are not duplicates".
    "Oh", he says. "You know to tell you the truth I think you should see a specialist I don't really know what this means or how to interpret it."

    I just shook my head. Matt at this point being in the "fine" mood he has been in these last 2 weeks just walked out of the office and walked home.

    The Dr said, "But I am sure that is not what is causing the incontinence, it is probably just too much caffeine." Really???? Possible but not likely given the MRI.

    The Dr had promised me the visit would be free because we had seen his stupid PA THREE times this week with no results - but nope - they reneged and said that the session had extended into also talking about his blood pressure - so there was a charge. I was SO mad..................I almost did a Matt and walked. I should have, but I just gave them a huge lecture about poor patient service, paid and left. GRRRR.

    So at this point, I am sending his MRI results to my Mom's best friends' husband who is an orthopedic surgeon, who is Portland OR and done this many years. Rather than waste anymore money or car trips to Flagstaff I want to know exactly what these results mean, and where to go from here.

    I do feel bad for Matt - he seems to be in increasingly more pain - and the doctors are refusing to give him narcotics because of "addiction possibilities". So I am not sure how this is all going to pan all out - yet another trial in his life. I think we are both used to it at this point. It really never seems to stop.

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    The phrase "Where'd you get your license, a Cracker Jack box?" comes to mind.
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    That is just ignorant. Now my GP will refer me to a specialist and tell me that certain things are simply out of their realm but they dont deny things exist. My GP doesnt want to touch my knees because of how bad they are. I get that. He always refers me out to specialists.
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    I was reacting to the fact that Steely had to get "in the Dr's face" and prove he had no clue what he was talking about. She wasn't getting a referral until she did that. This joker looked and dismissed without understanding what was going on.

    I very much admire doctors who send out for referrals.
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    That doctor is a bigger quack than Howard the Duck. I know exactly how you feel - it is what they tell us about Jess. Good for you for insisting on copies of the report. Make sure you get a disc of the mri. Films also if they will let you. here the hospitals will give you ONE set of films free, along with a disc, but they charge for other copies if you don't return them. But they destroy them in seven years, ten for the cd records, so I always ask for both and keep them. Ther are docs who feel they see more on the films and others who say that about the discs.

    You are totally right to send the mri to the ortho your family knows. I am glad he is someone who will help and has a great track record.

    As for too much caffeine causing incontinence in a 20yo??? That is about the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. It is sad because he is what passes for medical care. I don't think he can get any more stupid. NOT funny ha ha, funny in a sad, twisted and pathetic way.

    If energy drinks and caffeine caused incontinence then there wouldn't be a single young person playing online games with-o a diaper, or any cops with-o them. OR ANY DOCTORS with-O DIAPERS because they often work 24-36 hr shifts and survive medication school, internship, and residency by living on caffeine. Where was the doctor's diaper? If you have to see him about this, remind him of those days as an intern or resident and ask how many diapers he needed because he drank too much caffeine. Trust me, I would do it after koi like that came out of his mouth.

    I am sorry that you are watching your baby deal with this and be treated like this. when something medical is wrong they are still our babies deep in our mommy hearts, aren't they?

    lots of hugs and support for both of you. And a swift dip in a vat of tuna juice and tied down in the cattery of an animal shelter for the doctor.
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    Argh! Well, at least he admitted he didn't know how to read the MRI. Why didn't he give you the name of a specialist? So sorry.
    Hey, Matt learned something that day. Not what he wanted to learn ...
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    Ok. At least he admitted to not knowing what the report meant. But then to say that he still didn't think it meant it could be causing Matt's issues is just plain moronic. How would he know? He doesn't know what it means!!! Idiot. And sorry I know caffeine junkies.......and honey I do mean junkies with the stuff lol........who have no bowel issue whatsoever. So phht with that idiotic theory. Caffeine makes you pee, not bowel incontinent omg.

    I wouldn't have paid the bill. And yes, I've walked out without paying more than once for similar reasons. If staff tried to stop me, I'd loudly tell the waiting room what horrid service I just received......and stomp right out.

    You know how people with insurance get things so cheap? Because they OVERCHARGE uninsured patients. Which was my complaint at my last visit with the last doctor I dropped like a hot rock. Staff told me so themselves when I complained about the charges knowing what it would have cost had I had insurance. So I very loudly told every patient in the waiting room. Several people got up and left. I did too, without paying the bill. Ok.....I paid what I would have paid had I had insurance, the rest I told them to fold into sharp corners and shove it and walked out.

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    My thoughts exactly. Why express an unvalidated opinion?
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    UG! hope you get better answers from the friend of your mother. Caffiene indeed! Harumph! -RM