FYI updates and info


Former desparate mom
When you click Moderators Alert icon, the message you send will go to myself and all the moderators on that particular forum. Sometimes this makes a difference in what you type.

Just a few reminders.... there are quite a few new members. Please remember to welcome them and give them some support and suggestions. Only responding to the chosen few makes a very small,boring circle. Everyone should be reaching out to new members as well as their old stand bys. Seems like the same few are doing all the welcoming.
New members should also be reaching out to others. It helps others know more about you.

Those of you who are stuck in the routine of just "your" forum can widen your response field. PE can still post in General or Early Childhood.
T and SA can respond in other forums. Special Education and Insurance can post in other forums also.
Anyone who only uses Watercooler and no other forum, needs to move on to a different sort of website. You aren't giving back.
The site works if members reach out to each other.

If ordering books or items via use the icon on this site. It gives us a small amt. towards maintaining the site. Same with the google search boxes.
As always there are coffee mugs and travel mugs with the logo for sale to benefit the site. Anyone interested, let me know. They are in rented storage now so I can put my car in the garage, but I can get to them quickly enough.

If you have any suggestions, please e mail or PM me.