G.F.G. Cat with a Sense of Humor


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Thomas has developed a truly twisted sense of humor. Every 2 weeks I have a young lady come out to help me with the heavy cleaning that I cannot do because of my back.

She was out yesterday and was mopping the bedroom. (I have my office set up in one end of the bedroom.

She was mopping near the edge of the bed and Thomas was standing at the edge of the bed watching her work.

She was wearing a sweater over a long skirt (part of her religion), and the sweater had ridden up, exposing the small of her back.

Thomas reached out sloooowly, and then? He proceeded to give her a great, big KISS! Right where flesh met waistband of skirt!

She let out a shriek and dropped the mop. I spat tea all over the floor and cracked up. Thomas? He backed up a few paces and looked over at me like, "Whaaaaaaaat? I was just bein' friendly"

Squeaky sat up, shook her head, settled back down, and went back to sleep. I think she's getting bored with Thomas' antics.
It's funny. Squeaky was weird when I got her, which I attributed to her growing up in a hoarding situation and then spending 7 mos in a shelter cage.

Thomas has been here for 4 mos and is getting stranger by the day. I have to attribute it to a combination of the potential being there combined with environment.

That cat is just plain weird!


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If that's him in your avatar, he is gorgeous! Think he may be part Maine Coon? If not, who cares? He's delightful and as an animal lover plus, I am so happy your two cats are as cherished as humans would be. You have taken a pauper and made him a prince.

I personally think he is just being a cat! My kitty is very mischievous then looks at me as if to ask, "What did I do?" I consider all three of my pets members of my family. I so enjoy your love of your pets.


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Yes, MWM, that is Thomas in my Avatar...mostly asleep. He picked his head up when I called his name to take his picture, but refused to open his eyes.

He is a Maine Coon Cat. I saw his litter registration at the shelter, but they refused to give it to me. Not sure why as he is neutered. (and declawed, sigh)

He is actually on the small size for a male Maine Coon. He weighs in around 17lbs and the weight range for a male Coonie is from 15-25lbs.

He is NOT a good specimen of the breed, but is a magnificent animal in my eyes despite that. He's also very intelligent, very sweet, and one of the most affectionate cats I've ever had.

Even if he has a somewhat twisted sense of humor.

Living with him and Squeaky keeps life very interesting as Squeaky is flat out brilliant and spends most of her time finding new and different ways to amuse herself, most of which require cleanup on my part (or wake me up at unholy hours of the early AMs)


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He's beautiful. Yes, he's small. My daughter has a Maine Coon mix and the thing is at least 23 lbs!!!! She's beautiful too, but has a real stuck-up attitude...lol. Princess (new name for my oldest daughter) is also a cat lover first. She has another cat named Buckwheat and he is the sweetest cat on earth.

I'm so happy your "kids" have such a wonderful home. Glad they don't go outside. Glad they are so loved. And glad you rescued Thomas. You both deserve to love one another.


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I raised Maine Coons for nearly 20 years and had several males over the years that weighed well over 20lbs and quite a few females that topped 15lbs.

Squeaky weighs all of 7.5lbs on a fat day. Her weight fluctuates depending on activity levels. She eats like a horse, but runs it all off.

It's hilarious to see her next to Thomas as he just "hulks" over her. We've had a few discussions at night here as Thomas doesn't understand that it's OK for Squeaky to sleep ON me and NOT OK for him to sleep on me.

We've finally got it sorted to the point that Squeaky usually sleeps on my hip and Thomas sleeps next to my pillow.

Right now they are both sleeping in the laundry basket on top of the dryer. Squeaky still hasn't 100% accepted Thomas, but it's cold out and chilly in the house, and I guess that big, orange, furry belly is irresistible as a pillow, LOL. All I can see from here is Thomas sprawled out in the basket and a set of brown ears sticking up from his midsection.


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I don't call Thomas weird. He's... brilliant! Too much brain and not enough work so he finds stuff to do. At least he is kind, as well as entertaining. I've known cats who would have left a long scratch on that patch of skin.

You might say he is wired a bit differently, though.


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Sadly, IC, Thomas was declawed in front as a youngster. According to my vet, it was a "good" declawing job, but at 11 years of age, he has arthritis in his front paws, neck, and shoulders, as well as hip dysplasia.

The arthritis in front is due to loss of shock absorption and inability to stretch those joints due to the declawing. It really is a horrible mutilation with a lot of awful sequelae as the cat ages.

So far, he is doing well with the arthritis for the most part. I have pain medication to give him on bad days and have to watch his weight to make sure he doesn't become overweight and put more strain on his joints.

Other than that, and his food allergies, he is a healthy senior.

He is extremely intelligent, and between him and Squeaky, I often feel like I am racing to stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily, as you said, he is kind. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and is non-destructive.