Thomas (and Squeaky) Update


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Well, it's been a while.

Thomas and Squeaky have survived nearly 6 weeks in a 11x13 room that Squeaky's wholehearted attempt to eat the resident cat necessitated.

I survived spending nights with a couple of stir-crazy cats who were extremely stressed, but doing their best to cope.

Thomas got hugely fat during his period of confinement and even little Squeaky put on some weight.

Now? Well, they have ROOMS! And this dinky little 780 sq ft apartment with real furniture and carpeting must feel like heaven to them.

Thomas has had to repeatedly be extricated from the vertical blinds covering the glass patio doors as he hasn;t figured out that cats are supposed to SLINK behind obstacles, as opposed to barging through them.

I've already checked and found out that replacing the vertical blinds is relatively inexpensive and plan on doing so as and when they get to that point, especially as Thomas also finds biting holes in the individual blades to be amusing.

Squeaky? Well, she had to learn Occupational Therapist (OT) walk on carpeting, which took a few hours. Now that she's figured THAT out, she hasn't slowed down.

She keeps materializing in various parts of the apartment that are 8' or more off the ground. Short of levitation I have no idea how she is getting up there. Worse yet, once I give up on trying to coax her back down and walk away, she re-incorporates somehow in whatever room I am in without me ever hearing the thud of a solid 8lb body hitting the floor.

Levitation is beginning to sound like a distinct possibility.

Yesterday, I went out to my BFFs place Occupational Therapist (OT) clean out the room we stayed in, and since they'd turned off the AC as soon as I left and only turned it back on 20 mins before I arrived, it was hotter than blazes up there.

I got the place mostly cleaned up, but got so sweaty and coated in cat litter dust, not to mention other dust that I took a shower as soon as I got home.

Now, my shower in the mobile home died a few years ago, and I couldn't afford to have the wall ripped out and the shower replumbed, so did without. Since my left knee precludes getting in and out of a bath, I "showered" by soaping/shampooing up, and dumping pitchers of water over my head to rinse.

So, I got up this AM, and took another shower just because I could. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that Squeaky, with her deprived background, had never seen a person take a shower before, and she was awfully curious as to what was going on behind that vinyl curtain.

The inevitable happened: She jumped in the shower with me!

The shower curtain survived her exit, and I didn't get clawed up, but there are STILL damp spots on the carpeting, two of the dinette chairs, the easy chair and the back of the sofa. Squeaky herself dried out pretty quickly.

Thomas, having had a proper home in the past, is wise to showers. He waited until I turned the water off and got out of the tub, hopped in, and rolled all over the wet bathtub, depositing absolute masses of long, orange fur that I had to clean out of there as I didn't want it to go down the drain.

At least he only got somewhat soggy. His coat is so thick that he's fairly waterproof.

Both cats are acting like complete attention sponges.

They are loving the patio. it is great fun to lay with their little noses pressed against the glass and chatter at the birds that hang out in a shrub that grows at the edge of the patio.

Thomas, being Thomas, nearly turned himself into a flat-faced Persian cat yesterday, while in the process causing me to be thankful that patio sliders are made of very sturdy glass: he pounced at a chipmunk on the patio from a good 3 ft away, hitting the glass with a resounding "bonk!* and stunning himself.

The chipmunk was completely unflapped. In fact, I think it was laughing at him.


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You and your CATS!

You had me literally laughing out loud. And then it got even better.
The shower incident... the chipmunk incident...


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LOVE your descriptions of the cats and their antics!

My 'pet' squirrel (who lives in our tree) mocks our dogs, so I know how they feel!

Thanks for the update!


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Love it!!!!

Thank you for sharing you adorable cats with us.

My cat likes to sit in our bath tub. She is often there when I go to the bathroom for any reason and meows when she sees me. She's not a fan of water though. This is the dry bathtub. Like you, we have an apartment and I really think all my pets like it. For my kitty, she has plenty of places to rest and play without those stupid dogs getting in her way.

I'm glad you're enjoying your new place!