Gaba Calm

Jukebox: Sorry I am just getting back to you but I was gone for a few days. About the Gaba Calm. I have done so much research that sometimes I get confused!!! I actually got the idea from Doris Rapp's book "Is this your child?" I thought it was worth a try and it did help. I started out very slow with 1 chewable pill at night and then increased to 1 in the morning and 2 at night. The health food store also recommended it. Also, when I took difficult child into to see the pyschiatrist he was amazed that I was using it and the Efalex. He thought it was a great idea. I think the Efalex has been the greatest help and I would beg on a street corner if I had too!!! Someone asked how long it took. You really need to give it 2-3 months. I didn't ntoice much difference until about the 6th week and then it was sutle. I know if we run out I can tell the differnce within a few days. I am giving him 2 fish oil gel tabs and 4 Efalex a day just to save a little. I agree with most on the board that the combination in the Efalex seems to work the best. I dont know if it is the AA in it like some say but something works. I would be willing to try the other brands but just haven't done so. I think the Gaba Calm seems to help him focus alittle better. I would like more info on the Child Calm. Take care. Deb

Debonlake, Thank you for your response on Gaba calm.

I have read a lot about herbs and they say that children should take about 1/4 of what adults take if they are under the age of 6.

My son is three, so I am reluctant to give him the Gaba Calm since it does not specify.

I Have researched alot on the Calm child by Planatary, and a couple of others, Melissa Supreme for children by Gaia Herbs, and Chamomile calm by Herbs for kids.

I my area, they carry the Gaba Calm which I am taking for myself with much satisfaction. I started 1 week ago and I am sleeping much better at night, and my stress level is down. Also I can buy the Melissa Supreme for Children at Whole Foods.

Melissa Supreme can be used with over-excitable children, hyperactivity, ADD, and can help in treating inpulsiveness and distractibility. It is suppose to improve memory, sleep patterns and the ablility to focus. It comes in a childrens lemon flavor syrup. I think that I am going to try this one in a couple of weeks if I do not see any signs of compliance with the Efalex. I will have to say that I have gotten much harder discipliary wise on my son the last week and have seen some improvement, but i do not know if it is from the Efalex or my discipline.

Chamomile Calm intriques me as well, but I cannot find it here in Wichita where I live.

Hope this will help you if interested. Once I start it I will keep you posted.

I still have not set up appointment for Child Psychologist, wanted to have some proof of compliance with these herbs 1st.

Take care

Justin's Mom Sherry