Geez..GFGmom bought difficult child#1 A Car Yesterday. Domino Effect Equals $$'s

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. DDD

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    Don't worry, lol, this is not a heartwrenching post. It's just an "it is what it is" post.

    GFGmom bought a used car for difficult child yesterday. It is fairly ratty on the outside but the interior is ok. She paid $1200. She is not paying for tags, title or insurance. difficult child earns at most fifty bucks a week working for us because business is scarce.

    He is excited to have "his own car". SO he goes by the title/tag agency to see how much it will cost and ARG is told it will be approximately $450 plus, of course, he has to provide proof of insurance. He has about $100. Turns out the State is charging an extra $250 for a tag unless you have an old one to turn in that was registered in your name. Not.

    Bottom line: husband has an old tag that eliminates the $250 charge. Our family insurance includes difficult child and he only costs us $70+ bucks on our policy. The annual premium will go up about $500 a year to add "husband's car"....that neither of us ever want to drive, lol. And, of course, the new owner paperwork and charges are mandated to be taken care of within a week or ten days.

    Thanks, GFGmom! ooops, she "can't hear me" as she is gone on her third long weekend vacation within a month. DDD
  2. Hound dog

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    Oh good grief. :faint:

    You're right, it is what it is. sheesh
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    Oh Geez, I am sorry. I know just how you feel too. And, on it goes.
  4. Nancy

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    Thanks but no thanks huh?

    I had no idea it cost that much unless you had an old tag. I guess that's another reason to put the car that difficult child is driving in her name.

  5. AnnieO

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    WOW... It's not that much in Ohio... But I remember when I lived in Oklahoma, xh had Ohio tags on his truck and I was glad they were nowhere near expiring as it was a fairly new truck (2 years) and they based it on the car's worth. Mine was almost 10 years old. Tags were only about twice what I would have paid in Ohio. And did, just a few months later...
  6. DDD

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    For it to go in difficult child's name also he would no longer be covered under our insurance when driving our vehicles (including the old truck he uses for deliveries) and he would have to be living elsewhere. We don't want him moving in with girlfriend. So it was a lose/lose. An extra $250, no coverage thru our Co, a change of address etc.
    by the way he did not know his GFGmom was not going to cover the other expenses so he was shocked, too. Sigh!
    DDD Oh, well!
  7. Nancy

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    Ya think she could have talked to you before she did that? She could have just given you the $1200 and you could have bought a car and let him drive it.
  8. DDD

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    LOL, Nancy. I no longer expect her to be anything but impulsive. She had a "bonding" moment with "her son" and I am sure feels like Mother of the Year. DDD
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    OH man. nothing to do but deal with it I guess, but....oh,man.
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    She would have made a perfect partner for my ex difficult child husband lol!!!! Glad it's not upsetting you.
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    UG1 She continues to continue...