Gentle reminder to parents of difficult child's with transition and seasonal change issues

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Farmwife, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Farmwife

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    Fall is almost here, the days will be getting shorter (stupid daylight changes) and the schools will be full of activity again.

    Just wanted to give a reality reminder to those of you who have enjoyed the ease of summer and forgot that *the change* is on it's way.

    My difficult child has had a good year for the most part and I always get wrapped up in that. That means I often neglect to emotionally prepare myself for the flip side. I noticed difficult child having some slight slip ups and then it dawned on me... it's just that time of year. Oh joy!

    So, if you forgot like I usually do I just wanted you to brace yourself.:tongue: No need to get blind sided.
  2. DaisyFace

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    We have the opposite reaction to school starting. difficult child goes back on Monday and




    She will leave the house at gone at least until 4pm...and with any luck...she will be stuck in her room doing homework until bedtime every night. (Yeah, right! difficult child do homework? I think not!)
  3. Mamaof5

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    Wow, we start way later than any of you. Sept 6th is the first day of school here. I can't wait OMG I can't wait LOL
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    Ahhhhh Farmwife great minds think alike.... I can feel the anxiety starting .... We have had a great summer, with the exception to a few major meltdowns and rages. I realize this is because their is no homework or early bedtime. difficult child and easy child both had summer reading, book reports and math sheets to complete but they both did it with our babysitter so we had no drama over it. I am trying to enjoy these mellow times before all heck breaks loose. Oh the joys ....