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    difficult child had a short trial of Geodon many years ago, and I recall it didn't go well. Currently he's on Abilify, but eats a lot, however he is a growing boy at 13. Wondering if we should try Geodon again (to replace abilify) as I've heard it doesn't have the hunger effect. ANy thoughts positive or negative would be appreciated. Thanks :)

    Also... if we don't try the Geodon again, wondering if we should replace the Abilify with Risperdal. difficult child was previously on Risperdal, and they seem to work about the same, but Risperdal is now Generic so I'd be saving some bucks.
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    It might be worth another try on geodon, depending on what the bad effects were. And I can completely see trying risperdal again since it is generic. These problems our kiddos have are expensive. If we can trim costs and still have decent care I think it is worth trying.
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    kt is on seroquel ~ known for excessive weight gain. Geodon wasn't the best medication for her neither is risperdal.

    However psychiatrist put kt on a small dose of topamax (known for it's weight loss - I took it for seizure & it does cause a drop in weight).

    Saying all that, I would go for the medication that results in stability & worry about weight gain at another time. in my humble opinion, until stability is achieved weight is the least of your worries.

    Good luck.
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    My daughter has been on Geodon and did well. She was on Abilify first, had a bad reaction to that so they switched her to Geodon. It made her sleepy at first but once she got used to it that went away. She was also on Risperadol, she gained 40 pounds in 3 months while taking that. It was horrible. But every medication works differently on each individual. Just thought I would share my experience. Hope this helps.

    Good luck. :)
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    Abilify was making my difficult child (13) gain weight so the doctor has switched him to Invega (last weekend). It's a timed-release form of Risperdal and supposedly doesn't cause weight gain. He took Geodon a long time ago, but I didn't see much effect with it.
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    Out of all the antipsychotics, Risperdal caused D the most weight gain. Additionally causing constipation, leading to encopresis - holding his bowels for an incredible 8 months.

    We trialed Geodon. The problem with Geodon is, initially it can stimulate - so you have to keep increasing the dosage to get to a point where it's beneficial. For us, the stimulation caused mania - and we only went up once, to discontinue.

    D is on Seroquel, like kt - and it has caused weight gain, but has been the best at dealing with anger/aggression.

    I think you should weigh the good with the bad. If the Abilify is doing something, nad helping - would you rather have an out of control, thin 13 year old or a manageable heavy set 13 year old?

    So, does the Abilify WORK? Because, if so, there's no guarantee Geodon, Seroquel, Risperdal or any other AP will. They might all be the same type of drug but that doesn't mean difficult child will respond to them all the same. We have had good luck with Seroquel. I don't care if he's fat - I just remove anything fattening from the house so his only food choices are healthy ones.
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    If the abilify works, I would stay with it. Why do you want to switch? Is it the weight gain or the cost of the abilify? husband takes it and it is spendy. I am very glad we have prescription coverage.
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    difficult child's has never been stable, but Abilify does "help". It would be much worse without it. He's trial so many medications, including mood stabilizers, that I don't know what medications worth trying next, if anything. difficult child just had a major tantrum.

    I don't think we will trial Geodon again. If it didn't work before, it probably won't work now. He's been on Risperdal before Abilify, and they work about the same. I will probably switchback to Risperdal because it's generic.
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