Getting a drivers license.........migraine time!


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Today I took my eigth teen to get a learners permit. He has
successfully completed the high school D.E. course today and was
eager to get his license. :smile: No problem!

NOT!! I made three trips to the DMV and we do not have the
permit yet. The high school certified his DOB, SS#, completion of instruction, student number etc. The Durable Power of Attorney that I have used for everything! since l999 is no longer accepted by the State. You are suppose to have a Court document or the bioparents approval notarized!

THEN we had to provide an "original" birth certificate...NOT a
hospital birth certificate. :grrr: Oh yeah, the "original SS
card.......not a copy,......and "no" the school record doesn't

I have taken headache medicine for the first time in probably four years. It is NOT the end of the world but "since 9/11 we
are required to be very careful". Heaven to Betsy. The kid is
a lifelong resident of this berg. I have lived her 30 (sad to say) years. He has to wait until Monday because I couldn't come
up with all the originals in time before closing.

I'm beginning to think that 9/11 is an excuse for employing more
government workers and obtaining more l984 records on the citizens. :smile: DDD


What a rip! :nonono:

We've been able to renew driver's licenses by mail for a number of years. We've recently received notice that renewals must be done in person and identification must be tendered at the time of renewal. Like my current driver's license that originated over 30 yrs ago with-birth cirtificate and never been inactive isn't good enough?!?!

It's going to be fun. All that standing in long lines to renew licenses. Thank goodness I no longer live in the Houston area....

Hope the headache eases soon.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Maybe if you were an illegal alien you would have an easier time....

If you did it by mail how did you get your picture on it? Here in Indiana they are going thru big changes, putting holigrams, and coming out with vertical licenses for under 18 and horizontal for 19+ for easier id by cops, I guess, and harder to fake for drinking purposes. Always hate waiting in line and there is ALWAYS a line, even just to renew your license....

And I swear (literally) when you finally get to the front of the line, the phone rings, they actually stop and say just a minute....which turns into a two hour search for some person who is out of state and Blah, blah, blah.......

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Really, I joked with the clerk at DMV last month that I also had a blood sample in my purse if she needed it. I thought she was going to fall down laughing!

It's gotten beyond ridiculous. The irony is that those of us who are legitimate and honest are getting the run around, while the unscrupulous persons out there just go BUY thier ID from the underbelly of our society. Who does the gov't think they are protecting by adding all this red tape? No one. Urgh - makes my blood boil to think of all the money our gov't wastes with these new security measures that are STILL only addressing those it was not designed for.

Sorry it was such a pita - hope things go easier on Monday.