Getting Back Into the swing of things, also missing the psychiatric hospital

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    Q asked me to buy Captain Crunch like at the hospital so he can have good memories. Little by little he is telling me some of the horrid things he said and did...yuck. Has a new obnoxious statement (my boobs have sex) makes no sense, just got attention so he continued it as usual and now it is stuck. I hear him saying it quietly in his room, not for attention, just stuck. When he first told me he was getting in trouble for it I said well, it is not appropriate and it doesn't even make sense. He said he knows but he just said it. I warned him if he can't think of something else to say he is going to get kicked out of school.... he said I dont care, but then later he said he wants to be able to be in highschool with his friends and he is going to try to stop...always has that first "I dont care" defense.

    After he got his medications he went into his room. Was talking to me about lots of things, I finally asked what he was doing in there, he said...Waiting to come out....I said, Q-you dont need permission to come out of your bedroom anymore and we both laughed. he said, "mom, do you think I miss my nurses?" and I said, well now you have nurse mommy...he cracked up...such preschool level of humor but I love it.

    Then he came into my room and hugged me down onto the bed. We just cuddled and talked. He always lets out his real feelings. He said he wanted to be bad sometimes so he could stay longer. I said, well the plan was always that when the medicine was ok then you leave. Parents take care of behavior. He still needs direct input on what moms do vs. what others do...that has been a big part of his attachment therapy. So, he clarified a few details on that, and again, told him I had it covered...

    We giggled and he did some of his same naughty things (stares at the dog to see if he will bark, and he does , pushes his head too hard on me when we cuddle, and then I have to tell him no hurts and then he stops, same song and dance) and I corrected him and he is now downstairs watching tv. Keeps coming to me with all the news from racing that he has missed for the last two weeks. He also dug into my coat pockets (against the rules to go into my things) and took out the coins. I always give them to him IF he asks and I am not so desperate for money that it buys a loaf of bread. He told on himself as usual and gave it back.

    I'm a little worried, they gave me his game boy when he arrived at the hospital. and I put it in my purse but I dont see it now..that is why he was digging looking for it. I brushed it off but truth is I dont know where it is... could be a big problem. I remember my mom prayed to St Anthony I think... saint for lost things . She says it always works for her... I dont know if it will work for me, kind of like being a convenient

    We ride at 11 and E. (Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)) comes this afternoon, yipee. He is the one who came with us to ER and has been with Q for 1.5 years. He was really worried since he had never had to restrain him--ever.

    OH, one more thing...remember I said they said he did that weird thing where he wouldnt be aroused even with pain response etc. Since I have seen him go into shut down mode (that is why he has a blue level on his behavior plan, he does it to cope I think and sometimes it is to escape work so sometimes ok sometimes not) and I had told the doctor it doesn't seem like his seizure pattern, no sleep no headache after...I suspect he was just shut down. SO on a hunch I said, "why did you fake you were asleep for the doctor and nurses, he looked up at me and said, I just didn't want to talk and I heard them say I think he is having a seizure. I just didn't move but it hurt when they pulled my eyes open. " Then he showed me what they did and I said well hey can tell when you are faking, and he said show me..and it turned into a silly game... he is so naieve while so cunning at the same time. Oh well, I thought so... see, we moms know our kiddos. He is really good at it.
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    I am so glad things are hopefully back to normal. I HATE what some medications can do to some of these kids. Good luck with the innapropriate phrases. That one takes the cake as far as I'm concerned, but then again, I don't know his other ones so maybe not.

    Enjoy your day!! Give Q a hug from his board auntie.
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    oh you have no idea! some are not words, just repeated sounds/intonations. Very autistic stuff, but when kids are not "non-verbal" or "Low-verbal" they dont see it as delayed echolalia or perseverative speech.... just inappropriate. He get so many consequences for it, if he could stop he would. Always says these things, usually they are connected to the same kinds of environments so the sing song: "beeback a youya" happens when he is moving from couch to chair or walking down stairs or coming out of the car to go into a place.... weird things like what I mentioned usually happen when he wants to be part of a conversation, but has no then whenever two or more are gathered and he wants in..... after a while he just says it like the "beeback" song. Very odd, very annoying and mostly it gives him a heckuv alot of trouble. So, if it was totally voluntary it would have been "beaten" out of him through time outs, loss of priveleges, suspensions, etc...that happen nearly daily. But, I think he has just given up because he really can't stop. We keep trying. I have been known to make up words/statements that are nonsense and tell him to never say it, and I say it over and over trying to get it into his head.... doesn't work much. by the way at times it is connected to stereo typical hand flapping etc. but he has really learned to stop those things over time, I wish the verbal could be stopped. I think the hand flapping at least signals to folks that there is an issue here and they are not quite as harsh.

    what really stinks is when he panicks or has high anxiety...then the n-word included in a string of other words, that make no sense in the context, go on and on and on..... Super hard to advocate for him in those times.
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    Ohhh, good one on guessing that he was faking the seizure! You know your kid.
    I don't know which has the worse/worst potential--that you lost the GameBoy, or that he found it ...
    Sounds like he's doing amazingly well. Funny that he had to ask permission to come out of his room. If they trained him that quickly on that issue, I bet you could re-train him with-another phrase that rhymes with-boobs, that wouldn't get him into trouble.
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    Before my difficult child went into the psychiatric hospital. He was fixated on a Spanish phrase ' I love turtle ' nonstop