Getting new medications tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Dec 18, 2011.

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    difficult child has a short psychiatrist appointment. tomorrow. They are going to be switching her to Wellbutrin. Hopefully we see good results. We have seen an amazing difference just moving her down to 75mg. from the 125mg. she was on. She mentioned the brain tiredness is pretty much gone. I explained to her that she has to tell me right away if she starts to have any side effects at all from the Wellbutrin. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts that this will be the right medication for her. And, we go to yet another therapist on Tues. Of course this one is out of network, so the $$ is ridiculous. But, if she likes the therapist, I am going appeal to the insurance company and see. Not counting on that though.
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    Pretzeling here that it works. The right medication IS out there and playing "drug roulette" is not fun....but necessary. Here's hoping!
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    I hope if you need to appeal it is heard because bottom line for them, the chance of out patient working will cost far less than if she ends up in a far more intensive situation!

    Hoping the new medication works better....
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    Fingers and toes crossed that the medication change is a positive - and also holding out hope that the insurance company gives a little...

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    Well, we got the prescription for the Wellbutrin. The psychiatrist tried to keep her on the Zoloft, but I was really proud of my difficult child. She actually advocated for herself. She told the psychiatrist she wants to try something different. It is one of the first times she has spoken up for herself. So, we are going to start on Wed. with the Wellbutrin. The psychiatrist did not give us the extended release, so we do have to watch for insomnia, because she has to take twice a day. Fingers crossed this will be the right drug for her.