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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Oct 3, 2012.

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    dad and mom mode. difficult child came in the house tonight and was very upset! He said that one of the kids at school gave him and another kid some tic tacs. Then the kid that gave them the tic tacs threw some at a girl and then blamed difficult child and this other child. If difficult child's side of this story is true (and I do think it is) I'm furious! They have been told they cannot attend the Peer Partner program they are involved in and they are not being allowed to attend the homecoming pep rally at school on Friday. Next Wednesday they can start back with Peer Partners.

    The case manager is the one from last year that was poking difficult child in the arm. According to difficult child he is still doing it even though at a meeting we had last year we were told this would stop. husband is emailing the Special Education principal tonight and asking for a meeting with her, the case manager, difficult child, and us. Keep your fingers crossed that this can be resolved quickly.
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    Absolutely! That is outrageous. Will be sitting in spirit on your shoulder!
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    And sending you all the outside calm and inside power I can squeeze over the lines...
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    Polishing my armour in case you need "back-up". Hopefully, things will go the way they SHOULD!! Poor difficult child, pita as he can be, does not deserved something he hasn't "earned", Know what I mean??!?
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    I'm furious for you. Twisted like a pretzel and will stay this way until this is resolved!!