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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by happymomof2, Apr 17, 2008.

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    My son is in Special Education classes. He just got a second class out and his teacher said if he keeps up this pace by the beginning of next year he will be out.

    The class he got out is P.E. and he loves it. Since all this is new to him he left his point sheet in the coaches office twice and he went from G12 back to G1. Today he was off task and one of the aids wrote on his point sheet that he was redirected several times. He said she was in a bad mood today. My son said the teacher told him twice.

    I replied on the point sheet that he said teacher told him twice not several times and also that son said she was in a bad mood. Wrote that he has made tremendous progress and to please take that into consideration. Son was a little worried that by my comments she would be harder on him. I told him not to worry and let me know if that happens. She really doesn't want to mess with me. :grrr:

    We are talking about a kid here that was bringing C's and D's home, the warden was calling me almost twice a week sometimes more and he got arrested all before Christmas break. Since he's been back the warden has not called me at all, he got another class out and his last report card was 5 B's and an A. I know they have rules and I told him he is not above them and must keep on the pace he is on.

    I took him to a therapist because it was court ordered and the therapist did tell me I can take him out of there. I am trying to let this work out without too much intervention, because he should be out next year, but if they keep up this nit picking **** I will be up there in a heart beat. Just gotta make sure I am not in the mood I am in tonight when that happens! :badmood:
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    I know it is hard when your difficult child seems to be making progress and a nit-picker derails progress.

    I would suggest you try to get a more formalized schedule for this transition because it is a big one. difficult children make these moves BECAUSE they are doing well, but as your example shows, they also need extra support and encouragement during the process.