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    Ok. Tyler is really really smart. I know I made 3 requests in writing, sent certified for him to be tested and put in the gifted class.


    The gifted teacher is a witch, and she only likes children who are similar to her grown sons in the nature of their "giftedness". Children who think outside the box, or are on a whole different level (not hard to be above her, not hard at ALL.) seem to feel hurt and angry in the class.

    difficult child felt this with her, as did one of his friends. Jess was treated horribly, in a very derogatory manner by this teacher.

    I am thinking we will do this at home, NOT at school. I just wonder if I should be pushing this??? Not sure what the long term implications will be. He may not be able to go to the Gifted classes in middle school and jr high if he is not in it in Elementary.

    I have gotten NO response from any of my letters, other than last year they told me they would test him. They did Occupational Therapist (OT) testing, but nothing else.

    I am just frustrated. I really am not sure he will do well with this teacher, but I want his options to be open for later. And the school says you are in it from the start or not at all.


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    Is "gifted" a category in your district?

    The reason I ask is because gifted is not a protected category via IDEA. This is one of those areas where Districts must meet the minimum requirements of IDEA and can do more if they so choose as long as it's in favor of the students.

    If gifted isn't listed as a category in your state, there should be criteria for being accepted into gifted classes. To deny a student access based on a disability would be discrimination.
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    There are very definite criteria, this is why they are not testing him. I have always been respectful to the teacher for this, but she has not been so to me. When Jess was having trouble - due to the epilepsy - this teacher was derogatory to me, my husband, my difficult child, Jess, and told me flat out that my youngest would not ever qualify while she is teaching.

    She is a real piece of work. But the SD has criteria, and he meets them.

    I just don't know that his life will be enriched by this class.


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    With her taking this attitude, I'm not sure you'd want him in her class.

    If you want to push the issue, you may need to send a letter to the Superintendent with-copies of all your letters, maybe even cc-ing the school board and your SEA.

    But again, you may not want him in her class....

    Tough situation.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    In our district, even if a child is not in GATE, if they have the grades and/or test high enough, they can take honors classes in the middle and high schools. So if you think it would be counterproductive to place your difficult child with that teacher, you might do better keeping him in a mainstream class and just doing your own augmentation at home. OR if it's an option, send him to a different school?

    Just my 2 cents...
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    Sending him to another school is theoretically an idea. Practically it would mean getting the entire group of principals for elem schools to approve the transfer. And she teaches this at over 1/2 the elem schools in our district. The only private school clashes dramatically with my husband's religion so is a non-starter. Also has no gifted program.

    I don't think there is any way to avoid augmenting thank you at home. He is just so curious and interested in things. I will wait and challenge them in middle school or jr high on this. I could work with this woman, IF I believed thank you would receive benefit from her class. I do have NO DOUBT that she would make him feel badly about himself.

    It just bugs me.

    But I will move past it.


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    Here is the important legal note:

    Giftedness is not a category under IDEA. I have a very gifted son, and because IL does not have anything required to address either giftedness or talent, he got nothing. HOWEVER, if there HAD been a program available, he could not been have denied admission if OTHERWISE QUALIFIED despite also having a disability.

    It sounds to me as though thank you is OTHERWISE QUALIFIED. That is always the legal test for discrimination under the ADA and 504...a disabled person must be otherwise qualified... In terms of gifted disabled kids, they are out of luck if the SD does not provide for EVERYONE'S giftedness.

    I am not sure I would WANT to have my child spend any time with this teacher. I agree that accelerated classes tend to be available in secondary school based on performance at that time, not performance years before.

    Martie :warrior:
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    I was denied the "enrichment" classes in our school district. I qualified but they had a criteria that you entered in 2nd -3rd grade or you could not be in it. NOT at ALL sure why, but they only let 5 kids in there in jr high. High school was different, but it was odd.

    thank you certainly QUALIFIES. BUT this woman is so discriminating that I don't see an advantage. I WANT him to have the LATEST. This woman really resented some of the kids, esp boys with independent minds who asked questions.

    He qualifies, and I wonder if this is a dis-service to him not to have him in the classes. BUT I also doubt this particular classes ability to be a positive experience.

    Sigh. I hate school politics.