Glimmer of Hope... And it's Gone.


Shooting from the Hip
Well, we got a letter and a couple of emails where Belle seemed to be getting a clue - she was done with boyfriend, she was thinking about going to a halfway house in Cincinnati instead of around here to get away from the old group... Other stuff.

And then. New message today, saying she wanted to be transferred here, because that's where "her people" are. Among other things. It's pretty clear that the stinking thinking is still there...


More later when I can.


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Maybe just maybe she wants to be closer to you.

You can only hope but unfortunately being around you all would also put her around her old friends. It would probably be safer for her to get far away until she is stable and able to function better.

I really hope that her people is her family. That would be more understandable.


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I think lots of times there are two sides to their thinking..... so on the one hand they want to do what is right, want to get better etc. and then on the other hand they want to do what is familiar, what is comfortable etc. So I still think there is a glimmer of hope......

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Shooting from the Hip
Errrmmmm... No, she did say specifically that DCI was where "her people" are. We will see. It's just been hell week...