Going for more tests tomorrow

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    Hello Everyone!
    I just wanted to check in with everyone to see how things are going... I am very excited about having Martin Luther King Day off of work tomorrow! I was planning on enjoying a quiet day at home while the kids are @ school, but unfortunately I will be spending the majority of the morning sitting at the lab. I have tests that my OB ordered last week that I have been putting off. I have been collecting urine all day today for a 24 hour test to check for protein (I am worried since they already think that I am starting to show signs of pre-eclampsia)... keep your fingers crossed that this comes back ok because I can't be off of work for at least 6 more weeks (since my sort-term disability only lasts for 3 months!) I also have to have blood drawn whithin 4 hours after the completition of the urinalisis... and THEN I have to do the 1 hour glucouse test... should be a FUN start to my extra day off - NOT! I also have to return to the dr. next Friday because he wants to recheck my blood pressure (since it was high when I was in last week). It is my hope that he has the bloodwork results by then and that things will be fine... I will keep everyone posted.
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    Keeping good thoughts all goes well tomorrow! Hugs.
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    Sending good thoughts your way.
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    Hoping all goes well for you tomorrow... and that you have a really good book to bring with you, lol! Not the most fun way to spend your day off, but it's better than having to take an extra day off that you hadn't planned on. Keep us posted!