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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ltlredhen, Nov 11, 2006.

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    Over the last few days we have had out of town family visiting (not staying with us). difficult child has also been sick from pink eye (much better and no longer contagious). So between all of this his routine has been interrupted. No school for a few days either.

    He has managed to remain stable dispite all of this. Yesterday he wanted to go fishing in our pond but husband wanted to feed the fish so that the family could see the big catfish come up to the top of the water. difficult child cried just a little and I was able to take him back to the house and he calmed in just a minute. Very refreshing. difficult child didn't forget about fishing by the way. He asked on and off for the next hour or so. No pestering. Family decides to go to another member's home to eat lunch, so fishing was delayed even more. He went with us, was actually better than he has been in a long time. After a few hours we came home and first thing difficult child said "now I can go fishing". husband takes him out there and he fishes for like 15 minutes. That was all he wanted, he came in and got a drink and played with his cars on the floor.

    It was so nice.

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    Wow! Who would have imagined the great strides your little guy has taken!!! Congratulations on that very good day!
  3. Andrea Danielle

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    That sounds like a lot of progress for your difficult child. Enjoy those moments! It is surely because of all of your great efforts to teach him patience.

    Great news! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. jannie

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    :bravo: :bravo: Just Amazing !!! I remember when you first started posting......things have really changed for the better !!
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    That is so wonderful, Donna :bravo:

    Glad to hear it.
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    Those wonderful moments will keep you going. So glad for you and him.