Good Fat Tuesday Morning

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Good Morning,

Long day yesterday-I always forget how the common cold can take so much out of you. I probably should have stayed home. Glad I didn't as difficult child ended up coming home and really wasn't all that sick. Since husband was off finding out about his Planters Fasciitis he brought him home-sounds like I wouldn't have received a moment's rest.

easy child is staying home today-my cold is still bugging me but I'm going to try it again today-we're giving a writing assessment today and I really want to be the one to give it to my kids. We're also having a Fat Tuesday luncheon which should be fun if I can manage to not eat too much.

Tonight it's wrestling and I'm going to see if husband will take difficult child. Of course, he isn't suppose to walk much but I have to get some rest from this cold.

I hope everyone enjoys a great day! :smile:


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Good Tuesday Morning :smile:

Happy Fat Tuesday to you too Sharon - bonehead ex left a king cake for us to have today - a friend from New Orleans sent it to him. It's loaded with icing and sprinkles - too rich for breakfast........glad difficult child wasn't really sick. Enjoy your luncheon - tomorrow begins the time of sacrafice.

I have to go into the office today, although I would rather not see bonehead's face. I contronted him about some of things that happened while I was away - he got extremely defensive, aggitated, told me he didn't want to hear this s**t from me, grabbed the dogs, stormed out to the car, and then yelled "he's alive isn't he?"

It is so sad to finally acknowledge that he is a failure as a father.

Anyway, I do have some positive stuff today as well. difficult child has his awards ceremony today so I will be joining him for lunch at 12:30 and then staying to watch him receive his scholar award......there is always some good somewhere!

Have a good day all.



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Good morning, ladies :coffee:

Sharon, sorry to hear you're still sick. I'm glad you didn't have to deal with difficult child if you wouldn't have gotten any relaxation yesterday. Hope you feel better today.

LDM, your bonehead sounds like my DEX. I don't know about you, but I feel more scared and uneasy than relaxed leaving my children with him. I'm sorry he's such a jerk. I'm right with you.

I came home last night to such an unfamiliar place :smile: SO finished painting the living room, rearranging the furniture, hanging the pictures. Everything was dusted :shocked: and clean :shocked:

The dishes were done - but wait, the lunch dishes were done by Dylan and easy child had vacuumed and dusted the family room :smile:

SO had dinner DONE!!!!!!!!!!! and even did the dinner dishes.

Then, Dylan folded laundry for me and easy child swept the kitchen floor.

I was ordered to sit at the computer after supper and not move. Relax. Haha, it was great. Kinda wish SO was a stay at home mom now :bravo:

I was really proud of my children for helping out too. Never thought I'd see the day. Sheesh.

Hope everyone enjoys their day. I'm off to work. Blah.



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G'day, everyone.

Sharon, I hope your cold improves soon. Ouch! with husband's plantar fasciitis - not nice.

LDM - it's good you're getting to enjoy the positive side of all your efforts with difficult child. Bonehead - what an idiot! "At least he's alive"... what are his priorities?!!?

Janna, who swiped your family and replaced them with angels? Can you send them over here? Although I think I would miss them...

We had an amazing day today. An early start before sunrise - we could see it rising as we drove through the bush road to get to "the mainland". Meanwhile we were listening to the radio - traffic congestion really bad, accidents on the Harbour bridge with people rubbernecking as Queen Mary II made her first visit to Sydney. Apparently there were more watercraft on the Harbour than the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, plus every vantage point was full of people watching this amazing sight.

And guess where we had to get to? difficult child 3's school (correspondence head office) for a study day. And it's ONE BLOCK AWAY from where QMII berthed, at Garden Island. (Dunno why they call it "Garden Island" - it has no garden and it's not an island. Actually, now I remember - in the early days of Sydney's colony it WAS an island and they grew the first crops on it. Possums can't swim so the crops were safe - from possums.) Garden Island is Sydney's naval base - all cement and high-tech. They had to move a few warships out of the way to make space for the biggest cruise liner in the world. No other berth in Sydney could take it. And it's too high to go under the Harbour Bridge. And QMII did a 180 degree spin in its own length to get into the berth. Wish we'd seen it, but we were 90 minutes too late.
So I was worrying that we would have to contend with traffic jams and no parking, but it was OK. We dropped husband off at work, collected some books from him for the school and got there early. difficult child 3 was complaining about being hungry, so we killed two birds with one stone - we walked the one block to Garden Island and then bought some meat pies from Harry's Café de Wheels which is right outside. The place was doing a roaring trade. We sat on the wharfside and ate our pies (difficult child 3 whingeing about wanting to jump in for a swim - at 8.30 am!) as we gazed at the ship. And the ship - it's HUGE! We could only see it end on, but it was very high. In my first glimpse I thought I was looking at another city building. And the entire naval area was full of tour buses, dwarfed by the ship. There must have been over a hundred tour buses or more, filling up with the passengers to go on a tour of the city. They were just driving out as we left to walk back to the school.

Later this afternoon the QEII berthed at the International Shipping Terminal. Apparently they exchanged salutes as she passed. We didn't see any of that because we had left the school by 1.30 to head back homewards - some shopping and difficult child 3's drama class. As I type this, QMII is leaving Sydney after a big fireworks display. Apparently on this tour, this is the only time both Cunard ships will be in the same port at the same time. And apart from close on 100% humidity, it was a glorious day in Sydney.

There's something special about seeing your own home town from the point of view of visitors. And when it's Sydney - that's really special.

I hope you enjoy your Tuesday - ours was definitely different!



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Good morning.
Sharon- It's sad when you are better rested by staying at work, lol! :hammer:
LDM- I feel sorry that the kids can't depend on their father. It hurts. :crying:
Janna- It sounds like SO definitely earned his keep yesterday... :flower:
Marg- It sounds like the Queen Mary II was quite a sight! :salute:
We're going to try to get to the shoe store yet again today (yesterday was a bad, bad day here :(). Then we need to stop by the vet's to buy prescription kitty food. A little light cleaning and a pancake supper at church. Just enough to do, but not too much. :angel:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, hope that cold lets up soon. Glad that husband took on difficult child for you.

LDM, get in & out of the office quickly. Then off for a massage - release that tension.

Janna, what a lovely surprise to come home to....dinner & a clean house.

Marg, how cool to be so close to all the excitement?

It's back to routine after our weekend trip. kt lost a bra over the weekend & apparently was flipping out at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) last night. Insisted that she wouldn't feel comfortable & it wouldn't be appropriate to go to school with-o it. Now, ladies, this child is no Dolly Parton. I suggested a chami under her shirt. It wasn't going to fly.

Residential Treatment Center (RTC) handled it - don't know the outcome. I expect to hear the update today.

Have a calm day all. I have no appointments until an IEP mtg for wm this afternoon at 3. Time to catch up around the house.


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Good Morning all. It's beautiful weather in N.Texas. Feels extremely spring like.

Wiped out, you have really battled this cold for a few days. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with difficult child and wrestling.

LDM, sorry to hear that husband didn't do as you expected. I can't say any dad does it like mom but you always hope dad's have enough sense to keep them safe. Sounds like dad isn't too attached. It is sad.

Janna, what a wonderful gift SO and the kids gave you. Enjoy. The boys in your life get family of the week award. LOL.

Marguerite, sounds like a long and pleasant day. I saw the QE1 or 2(can't remember) a looooong time ago. Never took a trip on it. husband isn't fond of cruises.

TM, sorry to hear that Duckie wasn't so Duckie yesterday. Hope there are a new pair of shoes in her future. Enjoy your day.

Linda, I know just how kt feels when I loose my bra. rofl. Just teasing. She knows a young lady keeps "the girls" properly ensconced. Isn't it funny what kids focus on?

easy child doesn't go into school until 12N. The Jrs. are taking some sort of achievement tests. The big, bad Seniors don't take it. I'm going to drag his senior :censored2: out to take me to the car dealership. I need to pick up my car since I had tires put on the front.

difficult child is still doing "his plan". I'll keep you posted on how that's going. Sheesh.
It's going to be a serious coffee day.
Hope you enjoy your Tuesday.