Good Friday morning, my friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Oct 19, 2007.

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    It's early I know, & I have the hmj brewing. It's half regular, half decaf as I'm hoping to be able to catch a bit more sleep if at all possible.

    My doctor appts were somewhat depressing. Instead of Difficult Child'ing the prednisone - the dose has been tripled! :jack: I'm not a happy camper; however it's a treatment that I must follow. Ick!

    It rained all day yesterday; it's to rain all day today. I'm so very delighted (catching the sarcasm here :smile: ). I'd gladly send rain to any drought stricken area that needs it.

    kt is on her second day of teacher convention break. Today will be spent mostly on getting her laundry finished, & packing for respite this afternoon. Her in home therapist will be coming in at 2; respite providers pick kt up at 3.

    kt's friend B is supposed to come over & hang out & have lunch with us this morning around 10.

    Nothing else happening here.

    Hope you have a calm uneventful day. Hug your loveds ones as they come & go. It's important for each of you.
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry your dose has been tripled. I know you were so looking forward to cutting back on it. I'm glad you have a respite weekend coming up! I hope you get some sunshine soon!

    We too have been having parts of days where it rains but it hasn't all been a washout as we were able to go on our field trip yesterday. It sure was weird though last night we actually had a tornado watch in October!

    I actually skipped the health club yesterday as I was feeling way too exhausted to go. At least I got 2 miles of walking in on our field trip. Today after work both husband and I are headed directly to the health club :smile:Other than that I'm planning an early to bed night to start catching up on some much needed sleep.

    I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and finds reasons to smile and laugh :ghost:
  3. Fran

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    Good morning to all those who check in here.

    Linda, sorry to hear the prednisone is being increased. I'm sure it's reeking havoc on your system. The rain sounds like a luxury we could use.

    Wiped out, glad you got your walk in. :bravo:

    We finally got some rain and expect some today. It's really needed.
    Now to get those temps down to normal but may have to wait a while.

    The unpacking is going slowly since some of the floors are being stained and they aren't done. :hammer:
    One of my sisters came up to check out the new state/new house and my biggest treat of all is easy child is coming home for the weekend. He decided to take the train as a new adventure. It's an 8 hr trip but it's his choice. husband and I are really looking forward to seeing him.
    He hasn't been to the new house and his room isn't unpacked but I think he will like being with his family. Today will be spent baking/cooking and generally getting ready for his visit. :its_all_good:

    Have a wonderful Friday. TGIF

    PS: I wanted to remind members and newbies to use the icons on the site to shop. It really is the only financial support we can give to keep the site going. I do a lot of online shopping since I hate to go out to the malls and stuff. I order dry dog food to patio furniture(if there is no shipping costs) to tv's via amazon. School books to books for difficult child's are available. I got a few deliveries yesterday and I was reminded all over how much I like the convenience of on line shopping. The fact that it helps Cheryl and the site is gravy.
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    :coffee: Good Morning Linda, Sharon, Fran and all to Follow!

    We made it to Friday :dance:!!!

    Linda, sorry about the tripling of prednisone, but if the docs think it's for the best-hope you enjoy a quiet and restful weekend :sleeping:

    Sharon, glad you got to take the class on the field trip yesterday! I agree the weather has been crazy. It's already 73 here this morning! Hope your weekend is filled with rest :angel:

    Fran, how exciting easy child is coming for the weekend! Most of my friends students have had a long weekend break and home visit by now. Have a great weekend :smile:

    Had the most confusing, disorganized parent/teacher conference night at difficult child's middle school. No appointments, just sit and wait outside the classroom of any teacher you want to see. I got there at 4 and left at 6:40 and saw 6 teachers :crazy2:! There has got to be a better way! Maybe that should be my new cause.......

    difficult child and I are planning the movies today. I have to do the grocery shopping this morning, then we will go to the first show. easy child will come home and rest today. She worked every night last week, had a full weekend, took an sat class mon and tue night, then worked wed and thur night. She is exhausted! There homecoming game is tonight but it is supposed to be raining (finally!). She is going to come home and take a nap and have a quite night home. Tomorow is homecoming and her boyfriend will be in town for sat and sunday so she will have a busy weekend. I worry that she's not getting enough rest - so she will today.

    As for me, I have a friend coming over for dinner tomorrow night after we get the kids off to dinner and the homecoming dance. Bonehead is supposed to take difficult child to a local airshow tomorrow since I will be at the hairdresser, etc. with easy child prepping for the dance. We'll see......

    Wishing you all a great Free Choice :its_all_good:

  5. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:
    Linda- Ugh! Sorry about the prednisone. Enjoy kt's friend this morning. :thumbsup:
    Sharon- An early bed time sounds lovely! :sleeping:
    Fran- I hope you have a good visit with easy child. I can sense your excitement in your post. :smile:
    LDM- I don't think this middle school knows who they are dealing with! :devil:
    I have to take our resident stray cat up to the spca today, I've been closing him in our garage at night. He's developed an abscess on his face and needs treatment. My good friend's sister works there as a vet tech and will take a look at him. He'll probably stay stay if she thinks he can get adopted out. I'll miss the little fella, but it's really in his best interest. I haven't told Duckie yet. :crying:
    Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, all.

    Linda, sorry the prednisone is being increased. I hope you're taking your calcium. I guess this means we'll be seeing you early on the morning thread for a while longer. As you know, we're still here and I'm usually around when you are.

    Sharon I, I'm glad your field trip went ahead. It's always a headache when you have to cancel or postpone because of the weather.

    Fran - rain is that wet stuff that allegedly falls from the sky. You're only recently from Texas, just thought I'd help out. I hope it cools down a bit for you, so you can continue your unpacking without mud being tracked in. Enjoy easy child's visit.

    Sharon II, I hated those frustrating parent-teacher nights where you have to almost stalk the teachers to get a chance to talk to them. We had timetables with ours but nobody seemed to stick to them, not even the teachers, so it always fell into anarchy.

    TM, I hope your cat is OK. Does he fight? They will probably neuter him before they find a home for him. I hope Duckie is OK with it.

    husband & I had a busy day today. He was off work for the day and I had booked eye checkups for difficult child 3 & me. We both need new glasses. The optometrist also said that difficult child 3's pupil response shows his system is fatigued; he has too much adrenalin in his body. Is there any way we can reduce his stress?
    Nope, I told him. This is as good as he gets, without pharmacological assistance.
    Then we dramatically increased husband's stress by buying a new (expensive) vacuum cleaner, paying big bucks for difficult child 3's new glasses (and when it comes to mine, I know they'll be twice the price) and then I took husband bra shopping (for me, his man boobs aren't that big). WHY do they make all bras above a certain size to be minimisers? They just don't last, mine break within weeks if I get minimisers. Besides, I always reckon, if you've got it, flaunt it. husband sat through all this (in the 'husband chair' which he discreetly moved AWAY from the fitting room area) and helped difficult child 3 with his English schoolwork (have home-schooled kid, will travel - and shop).
    We got home in time to get the washing off the line and I can just hear the cool change blowing through the trees outside - it has arrived!

    And now I need to get some sleep. husband is watching "Troy" on TV (I've seen it), difficult child 3 is now in bed (peace!) and easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 are settled in their room, reading, watching a movie, getting settled. A quiet, early night.

    Enjoy your Friday.