Good Friday morning....

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A very good Friday morning friends & fellow warrior mums.

wm came over yesterday to help me do yard work. He spent a couple of hours taming the out of control bushes in front of my house (he did a good job trimming). I also set him loose with an ax to take out the trees that my squirrel friends planted over the last year or so (my neighbor has a black walnut tree ~ what more can be said).

I'm supposed to pick kt up for a pass today ~ don't believe that iwll be happening. I'm in a great deal of pain & haven't slept yet. Not driving nor am I taking kt on with this level of pain & no sleep. Saying all that, I believe it will be a pj kind of day....get some paperwork done between naps.

Have a good day friends....keep it calm out there.

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Good morning Linda and everyone to follow!Linda, so nice to hear that wm helped out and you had a nice visit-really and truly warms my heart that you're able to enjoy sometime with him like that. Glad you're having a low key day to care for yourself. I think I am going to go into the office late today. I just have a lot to do to get ready for easy child and my trip, we leave for puerto Rico tomorrow! So I'm having coffee, will organize my suitcase, and then I will head to the grocers so I can buy some snacks for my mom while I'm gone next week. I also have to hit up the bank so I have some cash to play with. Then I ll go to the office. Hopefully there will still be a spot for me, snicker, snicker. Enjoy the day everyone!

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Good Morning Friends!

Linda-How great that wm was so helpful yesterday. I think a pj day is a good idea for today! I hope your pain goes away soon.

Jo-Puerto Rico-wahoo!! Enjoy(even though I'm a bit jealous:))!!

Another busy day ahead today but I'm hoping to at least be able to squeeze in a nap (after all summer is too quickly fading). After dropping of difficult child at camp I have time to come home for a bit before heading to the eye doctor. Then I'm planning on getting in a workout (ended up skipping yesterday due to my sore foot). Then it should be nap time!! Later this afternoon I'm having a bone density test done. My sports medication doctor thought it would be a good idea due to my stress fracture healing so slowly and my high risk for osteoporosis. husband will be picking up difficult child from his last day of camp for the summer-yikes!!

Wishing everyone a peaceful day!


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G'day people.

Linda, I'm glad wm was helpful with the yard work. It's funny how boys like sharp garden tools. difficult child 3 loves to use a machete in our back yard. difficult child 1 used to do the same.

Jo, I'm jealous! Enjoy the sunshine in Puerto Rico.

Sharon, are you taking Vitamin D? I have found I need to, even though I never use sunscreen and like to get out in the sun. It seems my olive skin is filtering out too much sun and I just don't get enough.

We've got cold weather back again. Even had some rain today, but not enough to water the garden properly. difficult child 3 had his appointment with his employment agency; they say there's the chance of a job coming up in a few months. Not soon enough, for me. I took mother in law out with us so we could do some shopping after difficult child 3's appointment. We got everything done then headed home, arriving in time to put dinner on.

Tomorrow I have a busy day - some errands in the morning, then an afternoon working with some friends - judging a children's writing competition. We do this once a year, I find it very stimulating.

It's bedtime now - almost midnight. Way past bedtime.

Enjoy your Friday.



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Good morning, ladies!

Linda, enjoy your pj day! Glad wm was a big help in the yard.

Jo, your trip sounds like so much fun!

Sharon, hope your bone density test goes well and you manage to squeeze in a nap.

Marg, sleep well, and enjoy your writing competition.

Hubby and I got up at 3:30 am to see the Perseaids (sp?) and only saw one shoot across the sky. Went back to bed, got up again, fed Hubby and got him out the door, and I think I'm headed back to bed for an hour or so. I need to get to the gym, and a good friend of mine recently opened a knitting store and is knitting hats and scarves for servicemen, so I'm going to have her re-teach me to knit. Pole vaulting competition at Farmer's Market tonight, very exciting with tons of people in town, but I think we're going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a local winery instead.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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Good Morning everyone (and all who follow)!

Linda - I'm so happy that wm did such a good job helping you. It sounds like a nice visit. Enjoy your pj day and I hope you are able to have a LONG nap.

H&R - I'm so jealous. Enjoy your time in PR.

with-O - I hope your bone density test goes well. I hope the kids are calm today too :)

Marg - it must be so much fun to judge a children's writing competition. I love to read and I love to write.

KTMom- A pole vaulting contest?? That sounds like a lot of fun.

I have a quiet day planned here. easy child is off to her boyfriend's house in about an hour (she's been there so much this summer that I think I need to send boyfriend's mom a child support check). difficult child is in rare form today. First, he is demanding I give him money because he says he gave me money to open him a savings account and he wants it. He never gave me any money and it took 15 minutes to convince him of that. Now he is bothering easy child because he is expecting a package with a t-shirt he won and he is over the top excited and asking easy child constantly if it will come today. I keep telling him it'll be a few days but we all know how well our difficult child's can wait. His brain is really on a one-track mind.

I'm going to try and make lasagna today now that the weather is cooler. I made chicken parmesan last night and difficult child and I loved it, but husband refused to eat it after a few bites. That man is SO darn picky.

Anyway, Happy Friday!