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    I recently posted on the General forum and related the steps I took, when she was 12 or 13, to help my daughter. I really wanted to help but my advice was not necessarily will received.

    My daughter is 29 and this course of treatment HELPED her immensely through the years of adolescence. It was not a cure, as there is no cure or magic bullet for her severe chemical imbalance. I think that was the source of some of the anger, directed toward my post. I know what it is like to be desperate to find something that will make everything better and to have a "normal" child. I know the frustration, of trying treatments, Dr's., researching, reading, and searching for answers, year after year.
    Several times, posters expressed consternation at the fact that my recent posts here showed my adult daughter as still having a very difficult life.

    This forum and many of you wonderful people have always been here, to help others, in times of crisis. I rarely post because life seems to overwhelm me much of the time. I admire all of you who give your wonderful, and caring advice, who are here for others, and never leave, and take time, over and over, to help others. You were the best when Fran started and you still are. Thank you, Katlin
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    Hi Katlin,

    I'm sure you have no desire to revisit the same topic/thread from General on this forum so we will put that to rest right away :) .

    I agree that it's quite wonderful how so many of our wonderful warrior moms hang around to share their experiences and give support to those still struggling.

    Big hugs,
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    Hi Katlin -

    Sometimes it surprises me how certain threads just hit nerves. But, you are correct in pointing out that this is a wonderful forum - frequented by many wonderful and wise people. Welcome to PE.
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    Hi Kaitlin. Welcome to this part of the board. We get it that while we have tried for so long that oftentimes, there simply is no more that we can do but pray and detach with love.