Good Middle of the Week Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :flowers: Morning Friends!

    Hope this day brings a smile! It's a new day and sometimes that's all we have to hold on to!!!

    I'll be hitting the gym shortly, then home for my typical Wednesday of putzing. I ended up at Lowes yesterday morning on my way to the office to pick up some bird seed for me outside feeder. Got a little sidetracked, and ended up coming home and painting all the white furniture (another color) in the play room. Thought difficult child was more mature and the white just didn't fit anymore! Worked from 9:30 until 4. It looks great! Never made it to the office though!

    Oh, speaking of birds, difficult child's finch couple are sitting on three eggs! We are thrilled. What will we do with them? Haven't gotten there yet! We are just so excited about the babies. difficult child and I love birds.

    Wishing you a productive and low stress day :good_morning:.


  2. Kjs

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    Good Morning

    Sharon you are up early for the gym. LOL about painting. I do that. I start something and end up on a completely different project. Glad it turned out awesome.

    Today, both difficult child and I have counseling sessions. I go from work, then drive 20 miles pick up difficult child and drive right back. Hopefully we will be back home in time for church. difficult child asked to get ashes today. He has always given something up for lent. Usually it is soda, which is big for him to do. They have soda machines at school. I am going to ask him for something different this year. I am asking if he can DO his homework for 40 days. What do you all think?

    His school has conference every quarter, and it is conference on Thursday. I didn't go last semester at all because I worked. This semester i do not work and told the teacher I would be there. I changed my mind. husband said he is going and will make all necessary arrangements for before school or after school help. AND make sure difficult child gets there. Conference is held half way through the quarter.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  3. Janna

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    Good morning, ladies :coffee:
    It's early. Yuck.

    Sharon, how exciting the birds are having babies! So cool. I'd love to see that!

    Kjs, homework for 40 days, huh? Hey, I think if difficult child is capable, go for it. That's a great thing to give up - defiance LOL!

    I'm exhausted :bloodshot:These last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me. I need an entire me day. AND...I'm getting it Friday! Woohoooo! LOL!

    B is off to do his MEPS (testing for Army) Thursday night. He'll stay at the hotel then Friday go to do that. D and J will be in school, Friday and SO at work. Yeah :dance: Just gotta make it til then.

    Running into the Army post this morning with B for some paperwork. Scripts to fill, groceries to get. I have a call to make to NIMH today - I gotta find out about those studies!

    And, get D some things for Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). No call yet, but should be soon for a bed.

    Hope everyone enjoys their day.
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, it's very exciting about the finches. I do hope they can follow through to hatching. I hate it when they throw the nest just before the eggs are due to hatch, after putting in all the hard yards already. We had a few hens do this to us (chooks, aka poultry) and often it was too late to rescue the clutch if I didn't realise in time. I did rescue some eggs a few times though.

    Kjs, good for difficult child showing some maturity. I thought the idea was to give something up for Lent; the homework thing would be nice, but I'm not sure how you could work it, unless you ask him to give up what he usually does when he should be doing homework? You've got a lot of driving to do, drive safely.

    Janna, fingers crossed for Friday being a pleasant day of rest for you. Until then - you sound busy.

    I was out again this morning, driving mother in law to the doctor to get a heart monitor on. She gets it taken off tomorrow morning, but has got someone else to drive her. A good thing - I'd like to be home SOME time this week!

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day but my usual cleaner is away for a week. I've also filled the freezer and need to stop cooking food so we can eat it all instead. We've got loads of washing to do, hopefully tomorrow will be dry and we'll get it all on the outside clothesline. So much to do...
    I was telephoning this afternoon, trying to sort out a college course for difficult child 1. He has only a few more days to go in his job, then I'll be traipsing around with him to get his pension reinstated. On the phone again tonight organising my oldest friend (now marriage celebrant) to do easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding. Now if I can only find where I put her birth certificate...

    I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet day tomorrow, NOT having to go out. Today has been busy - this WEEK has been too busy.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  5. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends!
    I have been very busy lately with all 3 difficult children.
    I lurk often to see how u r all doing and Keep
    u all in my prayers.
    Sharon- Very cool that the finch couple has eggs!
    Kjs- Hope u have a nice day!Hope u make it to Church.
    Janna- A me day sounds wonderful! Enjoy yours Friday!
    Marg- Hope u have A GREAT DAY!

    Hugs Rabbit

  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Ok, I know I have a lot of weird sleep patterns but LDM what gym are you going to at 2:15AM!!!:treadmill: How cool to watch the eggs hatch. I love to watch birds too. I saw some brilliant cardinals when I walked in the woods yesterday but it was very cold despite the bright sun. So they are around.

    Kjs I am impressed your difficult child gives something up for lent and sticks with it. Good for him. Delayed gratification is part of what our difficult child's are missing. It helps with them to plan and work towards a goal. It's big in maturity.

    Janna, it has been pretty intense at your house with all that is going on with your 2 son's and moving. A day without anyone sounds like a great luxury. Enjoy.

    It's been an up and down night for some reason.:sleeping: I figure I might as well get a jump on the day.

    difficult child was so proud of himself. He counted the change he was given and he counted it right. We have been after him to look at the receipt and count change. It always flustered him but this time he did it and was proud so I know he will try if he is reminded. It's small and sad but it's progress. It's one more example how easily he could be taken advantage of if left on his own too much.

    Yesterday was pretty productive and feel a little less frazzled. Today hopefully will build on yesterday and I can clear the to do list. I would love to have an hour to read one of the two books I started.

    Have a good day everyone.
  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning to All the Early Birds and all who follow!

    Sharon-Cool about painting all the furniture! I bet difficult child loved it!! How exciting about the birds:)

    Kjs-I'm glad husband is doing the conferences. Sounds like a long day ahead for you. I've already decided I probably won't make it to church for ashes tonight-too much too do and worn down with the cold. I'm thinking of giving up treats in our lounge but haven't decided yet for sure.

    Janna-I'm glad a "me" day is in your near future!

    Marg-I hope you get that quiet day tomorrow. You certainly deserve it! Oh and thanks about the Coritsone-I do appreciate your concern. I actually have Addison's Disease and need to double my Cortisone when I get a cold. Other people's body naturally will make more Cortisone when they are sick. Mine doesn't have any to begin with and so when I'm sick I need more.

    Rabbit-Have a great day!

    Fran-I'm glad difficult child is making progress. I love seeing that look of pride in a difficult child's face when they know they've finally done something they've been working at. Priceless! I hope you get time to do some reading. What are you reading right now?

    I am still dealing with this cold but am hoping it will be gone soon! After work I have to take difficult child to his therapist appointment. If I have any energy left, I may go to the health club tonight.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in!
  8. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning all,

    Sharon, very cool about the finches.
    kjs, stay safe with all your travels today.
    Janna, Friday is not that far away.
    Marg, sounds like you need a quiet day.
    Rabbit, good to see you this morning.
    Fran, take an hour & read no matter where you are on your to do list; will do your soul a world of wonder.
    "Hi" if you snuck in.

    kt is up but protesting school this morning ~ keeping my fingers crossed she will just get a grip & get ready for school. I'll be picking kt up from school @ 12:30 to head to a psychiatrist appointment.

    My agenda is paperwork & paying bills. For some reason a paycheck for husband showed up in our bank account Monday. I need to contact human resources & see what the deal is ~ as far as I know all of husband's PTO & vacation was paid out on his last paycheck over a month ago.

    Have a good day, friends.
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - What color did you paint the furniture? What was Dude's reaction? We had a duck lay eggs in a nest next to our house when difficult child was about 4 years old. One morning they were gone and difficult child was so heartbroken. He was afraid neighborhood dogs got to them - we are hoping they just hatched and mom took them closer to the lake.

    Kjs - I always forget about the ashes. Sometimes the day school kids will get them in the morning service if they attend. difficult child always looked forward to it. I think giving up refusal to do homework would be a helpful thing. Good luck with that though because after Easter he may think it o.k. to go back to?

    Janna - Hang in there! I do see a light at the end of your tunnel.

    Marg - I hope you are having a great night's rest and are able to slow down a bit tomorrow.

    Rabbit - I hope all goes well for your family today in whatever the plans may be.

    Fran - Good job for difficult child. Calculating change is not always an easy thing to do. I do hope you have a productive day with the result of no more to-do-list at the end of the day.

    Wiped Out - I hope that cold goes away soon.

    Timer - I hope KT feels better about school. Maybe knowing it is just 1/2 a day will help (unless it is the psychiatrist she is not looking forward to)? I also hope that the check is legite and you don't have to return it.

    difficult child has not felt well for awhile now. He just came in and said, "I don't feel like going through another day feeling like carp!" Wearing his glasses more often is helping and I am going to try increasing his fruits - apple juice, orange juice, grapes, ect. I think there is room for improvement in all nutritional areas. He is having a hard time during song rehearsals for this weekend's musical. For some reason standing for that long is making him feel weird. Dress rehearsal is tommorrow morning. The bright spot light really bugs him. He states that when the lights are turned off in the lunch room to indicate time to settle down and line up that it also bothers him lately. I will start my list for his neurology appointment the day after Easter.

    I will work 6 hours today and then have tomorrow and Friday off. husband has been around this week. If he will be home tomorrow afternoon, I may go into work otherwise looking forward to a long very intense busy four day weekend. Friday I have a doctor appointment in Fargo in the morning, shopping for the table decorations for the meal before the musical, shopping for beach decorations for the beach party my friend and I are putting on for the day school on Monday afternoon, and difficult child has a therapist appointment that afternoon. Sat afternoon I will start setting tables at school and help set up for the meal and the silent auction, Sun I have decided on a movie for Sunday School (It is going to be too hectic for me to set up class and teach a lesson)then I will help with the meal clean up and help take down the silent auction before my friend and I decorate the gym for the beach party. Saturday afternoon through a late Sunday night will be very busy! Then a super busy week for the day school will start as we celebrate National Lutheran Education Week with 1/2 day activities every day for the kids.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your kids laugh.

  10. artana

    artana New Member

    Hi all,
    Just stopping in for a moment, since work has gotten very very hectic. My kids were in a bus accident on Monday. They're both ok, but it's the bus driver I detest. Then yesterday my younger son kicked one of his friends on the bus (The friend's mom and I discussed it and realized that it was a reaction that any one of the kids would have had to a similar situation). So, he is suspended from the bus for two days. The school wants to set up a meeting with the bus driver and bus company to make them understand that the bus driver can't be writing kids up for talking too loud. But, to be honest, I don't need the stress of the bus. So I'm going to talk to my boss and figure out if I can work an hour a day from home, or something for the next few months to go pick up my kids from school and not have to deal with a bus.