Good Monday morning friends....

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Today starts kt's last week of summer school Friday is it. I'm so glad that she's had ESL this year; not sure exactly how I will keep things going until the day after Labor Day, but you all know me, I find a way.

I sat down at my piano last night & was able to play a bit! :smile: It didn't sound good, look good - sure felt good! I'll find out this week from doctor's if they feel it's viable to pay for tuition at music school this fall.

Nothing on the agenda today other than a handy man coming in to give a bid on a new hand railing going down into the basement. husband IS NOT the man to do this - he'll build you a computer; God save him from carpentry/repair projects. :rofl:

Enjoy your day all - I plan on it. :flower:


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Good morning, Linda and all who follow later on,

I'm glad you got to sit at the piano, Linda. I played for many, many years, and loved it. I hope you get to continue on with your lessons. Enjoy your day of doing nothing.

Back from a long weekend at the beach. It was very stressful. Dylan is manic, up and down, constantly, and struggling very hard on very little medicine. We took a 50 minute boat ride, and he giggled his very odd giggle, laughing at nothing the whole 50 minutes. Nobody sitting beside him. Nobody talking to him. He was so loud, every word he spoke. I bet he had 50 meltdowns over the weekend, too. Not real rages like before, but nevertheless, a PITA every single time. Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) on the 13th of August.

Aside from that, it was fun. I got burned pretty bad. My own fault. The weather was great, and the ocean was beautiful.

Two of the three go to camp today, I'm off work. Dylan and I go to MH/MR for a meeting with the insurance company for his Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) to get funding. I'll get caught up on cleaning and doing beach laundry.

Hope you all enjoy your day.


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Good morning everyone! Ugg, it's Monday already.

Linda, glad to hear you were up to playing a bit, what's good for the mind will be good for the body.

Janna, sorry to hear about Dylan but I am glad you had a nice time. I hear you on the laundry.

I am pretty sure I had a weekend at some point, lol! difficult child started back up in hockey which was nice to see. It's amazing when something tragic happens how it changes your view on things. He is alive and able to play, and is happy. Tied one game, lost another, but tried and did it all medication free. easy child had another show this weekend (3 to go and then championships) which takes up the whole day. She rode two ponies and did really well on both. She's also started cheerleading so it's so busy right now. Looking forward to the long weekend already, lol!

Have a great Monday to anyone who snuck in too!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I'm so glad to hear you are starting to be able to play again. :bravo:
Janna- Ugh. I hate that manic laugh, I know we're in for trouble whenever I hear my Mom laughing like that. :hammer:
Well, today is an absolutely beautiful day... Duckie starts day art camp at 9am! :rofl: She'll have fun working on various art & drama projects throughout the week. Me? I'm going to enjoy some quiet time! :wink:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Monday morning to all of you.
Linda, I'm so glad you are feeling up to the piano. Baby steps are good.

Janna, I'm so sorry to hear that your son is on a downward spiral. I recognize the laugh too. It set my teeth on edge when difficult child did that at that age. I, like TM, knew we were in for it when that laugh appeared. Hugs.

Christine,I'm so glad difficult child is back to hockey. Must make you feel so much better. Very cool about easy child and the riding competition.

TM, enjoy your down time. Camp sounds wonderful for D. We loved summer activity camps. My kids were regulars at zoo camp. I think I loved it as much as they did.

difficult child called from work to say he has decided to take the pretest to be a checker at the grocery store. :surprise: I was a bit speechless since most of you know difficult child has a serious problem with change, money perception and social skills. I told him go for it. It's better to try even if he doesn't pass the test than to do the same thing over and over because he is afraid to try. I give him credit for courage that's for sure. I'll let you know how that turns out. I do feel like the light bulb is turning on that if you don't like what's going on in your life that you have to set a goal and work towards it. It's definitely the school of hard knocks and it is taking a looooooooooong time to register for difficult child. Developmental delay doesn't mean it never happens, just slower than neurotypical. At least I hope that's what it will mean.

The move is getting closer all the time. The list grows ever longer of things to do for the upcoming month. Fortunately, I am going to visit mom this weekend and attend a baby shower for my first niece on my side of the family. Should be a welcome relief.

Hope you have a productive Monday. </span>

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Good Morning Ladies,

Linda-I'm glad you were able to play the piano some. I had to laugh about husband not being the guy to do the carpentry. That's how husband and I are about any home projects-neither one of us is handy with that type of thing.

Janna-I'm sorry the weekend turned out to be so stressful and that you ended up with a burn to boot! Glad there was some good in the weekend. Hope things go well today!

Christine-Sounds like an incredibly busy weekend-maybe you'll catch up on some rest during the week!

TM-Enjoy you well earned quiet time!! :smile:

I'm glad the weekend is over! I had a nice time at my class reunion and visiting with one of my good friends who was home from San Francisco. We went bowling with both of our families and I bowled my highest game ever and we laughed a lot. However, the visit with my mom :rolleyes: not so good. The visit with my Dad is always nice but this weekend with Dad's wife well it is a story for another post.

Today difficult child has his physical. His stomach has been feeling much better. We may hit the pool today and, of course, a workout will be fit in somewhere.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in :flower:


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Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry I can't address each of your personally - I'm kinda on the run this morning. I have a doctor's appointment. with my new doctor shortly.

Not a whole lot on my agenda today. easy child is going to the docs with me and then we'll come home and she'll have a fashion show for me in trying to decide what to pack for her trip to SouthBeach tomorrow. She works tonight but will have to come right home and go to bed because she has to leave here at 5 am in the morning. She is sooooo excited. difficult child and I will do the movies, have a game night and get ready for my mom's arrival on Thursday!

Have a great Monday.



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G'day, all. I'm in a bit of a rush tonight too. husband has just gone to bed which means I get my best chance at sleep if I follow soon after.

Linda, I'm glad you got back to the piano. Keep it up - chopsticks if necessary!

We've got doctors appointments tomorrow - me & mother in law at 11.30 am (an hour away) then difficult child 3 with the new lady doctor we found last Thursday. He says he's fine now, except for feeling bruised in a few places. When I enquired a bit more, turns out that's how he described pain felt when you press an area. So he's been complaining of his tummy feeling bruised, for much longer than I realised. I'd been wondering how he could have bruised his tummy. Blasted Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)!

So tomorrow I talk to the doctor about 'bruising'. We know difficult child 3 has a cyst on his kidney, so maybe the new 'bruising' he's telling me about under his rib cage, could be connected to that.

That's why we need not only a darn good GP, but one we can GET to, and not have to wait a whole month to get in to see. And even then, we have to see him where he works now, in a drug rehab clinic. Other clients in the waiting room are taking calls from their pimps or their pushers; messages get passed that "Tony is lookin' for ya," followed by a reply full of expletives. We'll put up with it to see a good doctor, but our health care system is a huge mess.

Don't move to Australia, folks, unless you're healthy.

Enjoy your Monday.