Good Monday morning to all!


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Well, I thought I would give you all a shock and start the morning thread (it's cheating, because here in Israel we are several hours ahead!).

I am alone in the house at the moment. difficult child managed to get up on time and go to the military without any fuss. For some strange reason, last night difficult child was in a good mood. Unbelievable -- that hasn't happened for a long time. Usually he and my husband are at loggerheads all the time. So that has helped my mood, and today is so far peaceful. I hope to get a lot of work done today -- I have two huge editing/proofreading jobs to do, two whole books, and I have to get on with them, as well as a whole book to type.

And I have to start on some very basic housework -- Passover is only three weeks away, which means spring-cleaning plus plus plus.

So I'm rolling up my sleeves -- today is going to be a very busy day. Luckily spring is beginning to be felt, and the sun is shining, which helps to put me in a good mood.

Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli model/filmstar who lives in Hollywood, is here with her boyfriend the famous Leonardo di Caprio. They arrived yesterday. All the news programs are full of it!!

Wishing everyone a meltdown-free day.

Love, Esther


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Good morning Esther and everyone that follows

Glad difficult child was able to get up and go without the fuss, makes it more pleasant of a day. Hope you don't spend all day cleaning, but are able to get some fun relaxing time in as well. :smile:

I'm going to visit difficult child at the 1:30 visiting time today. Our family based team is taking me since husband has to work this afternoon. He called twice yesterday with the interpreter letting us know he wants to come home. We let him know that we love him, but he's not coming home.. yet. I hope the visit goes well. I try so hard for him not to pull those mommy heart strings but it's very hard to remain strong when he is so remorseful for his actions. :crying:
It's supposed to be near 60 today, so at least I won't have to wear my big, bulky jacket. Definitely enjoying this bit of warmer weather we're having, but they say it's not going to last. :sad:
I hope everyone has a fantastic and stress free day.


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Good morning, ladies!

Esther, how nice to see you. It's so rare to have you on the GM thread, I'm glad you came by! How nice difficult child is in good spirits, I hope it continues. We will be getting ready for Passover as well (I'm fully Jewish), but it won't be at my house - so I don't have to clean any extra! Take it slow.

Joanne, good luck with the visit. I know how hard it is to visit your child and have them really want to come home. Try to stay strong. We're in PA too, it's lovely outside already.

My weeks are really starting to fill up. I don't know what happened, but overnight we have been bombarded with swim pamphlets, baseball, soccer, basketball, and now karate. Dylan started the karate, the 2 easy child's, mine and SO's, both went Saturday for a "free" day and we decided to sign them up also (couldn't pass it up, if I signed up my easy child, SO's easy child was free for a year!). So, Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday is karate. Dylan will be starting swim on Weds for 6 weeks. easy child will be doing swim on Fridays for 6 weeks. Oy vei, when am I going to sit???? Then difficult child 2 has counseling every other Thursday now also (family).

NOTHING Monday haha, so I'm good. Just work, then home - should be easy.

Hope everyone enjoys their day,


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Good Morning,

Esther-It's great to see you on the morning thread!!! It's great when difficult children are in a good mood isn't it? Don't do too much cleaning today-be sure to find some time for yourself.

Joanne-It's hard but you know you are doing what is best. I hope your visit goes well. Enjoy the weather. We too are supposed to be near 60 today and ours isn't going to last either but it does mean spring is on the way!

Long day yesterday-difficult child had a very rough late morning then had a good time at respite and was fine last night. I'm glad his psychiatrist appointment is only three days away.

I'm surviving on about 3 hours of sleep. I took a huge nap when difficult child was at respite and that coupled with a caffiene soda last night wouldn't let me sleep. It could be a hard teaching day on such little sleep.

I hope everyone has reason to smile today and hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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:hypnosis: You're not sleepy, your're not sleepy.....

Good Monday Morning Esther, Joanne, and all to follow!

Esther, it's wonderful to hear from you this morning - we haven't seen you here on general in a while. Enjoy your day, it sounds like mine - Mondays are house days for me!

Joanne, have a good visit with difficult child and stay strong.

difficult child has decided to do his science experiment on air quality. He will smear vasaline on cardboard squares and hang them in our backyard, the schoolyard and downtown on the roof of dad's building. He'll leave them there for a week, then gather his camera and magnifying glass and see which area collected the most particles out of the air. Definately a good one that he can handle on his own :thumb:.

I ended up with a bunch of teens at my house last night until 7. They returned to my house after their viewing of Anges and proceeded to hang out and watch Borat then go outside and climb the magnolia tree in my backyard! I've known these kids since they were 1 and 2 and sometimes, it seems they haven't aged that much :wink:!!!!!!

My typical Monday is waiting today, I will spend the day puttering here at the house - spring cleaning feeling is hitting, it will be almost 80 tues, wed and thur. I did spend a little time puttering around my patio garden on Saturday. Beginning to get that buy - I live on my patio in the spring! It's my haven at home.

Wishing everyone a productive Monday and, as always, it is No Meltdown Monday - make sure your difficult child gets the memo.



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G'day everyone.

And an especially happy welcome to Esther. I get tempted sometimes, but if I start a morning thread at my time (which I did once, and husband did once) everyone gets confused, because it's always today for us when it's tomorrow for everyone else (except new Zealand).

Esther, it's good to hear that difficult child was not causing any clashes for once. Is he trying to behave with Passover looming? Maybe thinking of spiritual things again?

Joanne, I hope you can not feel too guilty with difficult child's visit. They really know how to tug our heartstrings, don't they?

Janna, I hope you're not letting yourself get too overcommitted. It's easy to do, when all these opportunities come up for our kids. We don't want them to miss out but we do have to make choices sometimes. Sounds like Dylan's dance card is now full.

Sharon, three days and counting. And try not to show your lack of sleep in class today. The little critters can smell it on you, like fear.

LDM-Sharon, I love the sound of the science experiment. I suspect if we did it all we'd get would be guano.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 just had her first car accident. Great. difficult child 3 riding his bike into a car on Thursday, now my daughter in her first car crash. She was driving boyfriend's car which has only just been put together and registered, but it spun out on the unfamiliarly damp road and ended up in a ditch facing the wrong way. She had been well below the speed limit but the spin and the ditch has ripped off two tyres as well as a headlight and part of the bumper. husband had to turn back and fetch them, after an already bad day for him. He organised the police who breathalysed easy child 2/difficult child 2 (negative). She's still on her provisional licence but I gather no points are being deducted and no charges laid. Just one of those things.
Poor kid - it's all she needs. They've only been home half an hour or so, I still haven't had the chance to debrief from the day with her - I've got some appointments lined up for her, with college and the surgeon (for her appendix).

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. difficult child 1 has another driving lesson - I bet he's feeling extra nervous now!

I hope you have a better Monday than we had!



No Meltdown Monday...I think I need that. It's been a rough couple days. I lost it everyday, several times a day. I need to keep that thought in mind all day. Thanks


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Good morning,
Esther- I'm glad to gear difficult child was in a good mood, may it continue.
Joanne- Prayers being said & body parts crossed that your visit goes well.
Janna- Duckie keeps yanking my chain about soccer. She won't have any structured activities this summer if she keeps it up.
Sharon- I hope you have an easy day, catch up on rest!
LDM- difficult child's project sounds very interesting and well thought out. I'm sure he'll do well with it.
Marg- So sorry to hear about the car accident! Your family is overdue for some calm times.
Kjs- I hope today is a better day for you.
I'm going to take a nap and give my aunt a break at the hospital around lunch time and cover the late evening. Duckie is sniffling some this morning and there are several kids that are pretty sick in her class. Please say a prayer that she doesn't need to stay home this week, it will make life almost unbearably impossible with GRandma at the hospital. :frown:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Esther, love seeing your smiling face on the GM thread. Drop in more often.

Joanne, I know that conversation - have had it ad nauseaum with both kt & wm. It hurts. Enjoy your visit today.

Janna, sweetie, your schedule exhausts me - I hope SO is taking charge of some of this.

Sharon, glad you used respite to nap! My favorite hobby. Hope you make it through the day.

Sharon, sounds like difficult children choice in projects is a winner.

Marg, what a day! I hope difficult child 2 is fine.

Kjs, keep your chin meltdown Monday is a slow learned art by our difficult children.

"Hi" if you snuck in!

It's a beautiful sunny morning. I cannot wait to for the warm mornings when I can sit out on my picnic table with my coffee & listen to the birds.

My day is pretty empty - I'm taking these last days before kt gets home to catch up/finish on few projects that will be better finished before kt hits home.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. As always I plan on it.