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  1. Kjs

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    I have never started the morning thread before. Everyone must be getting every minute of that lost hour with the time change.

    Lots of rain/flooding and is to continue for a few more days. Our garage is under water. Not an attached garage. Doesn't look under water until you open the door. I put husband's car in last night because it was raining and suppose to freeze. He is going to need boots to get to it this morning. That is IF the door doesn't freeze shut.

    School...yuk. difficult child just really dislikes school. He spent the weekend alone, most of the time in his room. Just unlike difficult child.

    No plans. husband's hours have been cut to 32 hours a week. He has off every Monday. After work he'll have lunch made for me and I am off to bed!

    have a good day
  2. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Well, this morning the sun is shining here in Jerusalem, and it feels really good. Winter has finally arrived after great worries about a drought year, and we have had a lot of rain, and more rain and cold are forecast for the end of the week. But yesterday and today are sunny and it feels good.

    I have taken a couple of days off from work. It is the Purim festival (a sort of Jewish mardi gras) this week, and today and tomorrow I will be in the kitchen, baking and baking and baking, and also cooking. On Wednesday my whole family are coming to me for a festive meal. I don't know where I will put everyone, but they all decided they were coming, and that is about 35 people (just my husband and me, children and children-in-law and grandchildren, plus girlfriends of the unmarried boys). I love cooking and baking, and I have my radio in my ears as I work, and it feels good. Work can wait for a couple of days! The reason they are all coming is for the special Purim food I make -- especially the first course which is vol-au-vents (I make them myself, but I buy the puff pastry frozen), filled with mushrooms and chicken livers. Yummy. I'm getting fatter just thinking about it.

    Hope everyone has a good meltdown-free day.

    Love, Esther
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Kjs-Sorry about the bad weather! I hope your difficult child is o.k. It's nice that husband is making you lunch.

    Esther-Good to see you on the morning thread. Sounds like some nice family days ahead!

    Another Monday I'm starting with little sleep. easy child had another huge meltdown last night and between worrying about that and this pain in my neck that I've had for a week now I didn't get much sleep. The good thing is the pain isn't as bad as the day before, however, now I have a huge lump-I'm guessing swollen glands?

    Hopefully the roads are in good condition as we had a bit of everything falling yesterday. It started with a ton of rain, then freezing rain, sleet and snow. The thing about this time of the year is at least it won't last long-tomorrow we're suppose to hit 50!

    Wish me luck getting easy child to go to school this morning.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Kjs, good to see you this morning. I hope the garage isn't too wet. Sorry to hear difficult child isn't keen on school. Seems to go with the territory of GFGness, I think.

    Esther, how does one greet a person during Purim? Is it a sort of Passover-prep? Or something independent of Passover? Whichever it is, consider yourself appropriately greeted for it. I'm glad you're finally getting the weather you want. Those vol-au-vents sound fabulous! I've got a gourmet caterer's supply place near where we live, I can buy pre-baked vol-au-vent cases in bulk, ready to be filled.

    Sharon/WO, I'm sorry you're still in pain. Is it possible what you thought was coming from your neck vertebrae, is actually swollen glands? They really can hurt that much. Stay safe on the roads, with the bad conditions making it risky.

    We had a quiet day here today, difficult child 3 worked moderately well. difficult child 1 turned up to mow mother in law's lawns, it's a paying job which he needs. And she needed someone to do the job who wouldn't make a mess of it and mow over her favourite plants. We finally saw the Dr Phil Octo-Mom episode (part 1) and tonight we're watching "Good News Week", an Aussie current affairs quiz show run by and starring stand-up comedians. I would post the link to the podcast for you guys, but this episode is a bit rough... and Aussie TV doesn't censor very much at all. But it IS very funny, despite being crude at times. Of course, difficult child 3 doesn't get any of it. Thank goodness.

    Aussie TV is in a flap over our Prime Minister having said a four-letter-word on live TV last night. After what we're hearing tonight on Good News Week, what he said was tame. But the problem isn't what he said - it's claimed to be because it WASN'T a mistake, but a deliberate 'slip' in order to appear more human and less robotic, and to appeal to the blue-collar workers of the country (who are beginning to feel the pinch of the world's credit problems).
    I think it's interesting - the worst thing the critics can say of our current political leader, is that he is trying to appeal to his constituents!

    Oh dear, I think our opposition is scraping the bottom of the barrel...

    I suspect next weeks' Good News Week will be an interesting episode.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  5. Happy Spring Forward Monday!

    Wow, I'm trying to get myself in a positive frame, these first weeks of springing forward are sometimes rough. An extra hour of sleep would have been so nice....

    KJS, so sorry to hear about the flooding. We could use that rain, it would be nice if it would come this way. I know well about that dislike of school. At least we are past the middle of the year and every day we get closer to summer vacation!

    Esther the vol-au-vents sound yummy! 35 people is quite a crowd. I'm sure you'll get lots of helping hands. Family get-togethers can be fun. I did some reading about Purim a few years ago. Isn't Esther celebrated? Got to love those s-heros. We need them all!

    Sharon I do hope that you have good luck getting easy child off to school, and I hope that you feel much better soon. Not getting sleep can really throw off your healing process. Take care!

    Marg, the deal between difficult child 1 and mother in law sounds like a good win-win situation. Gotta love that humor, where would we be without it? Something tells me that your Prime Minister didn't really enjoy letting that word "slip" - not if he needs to do so to bolster his image. Don't we live in a strange world?

    I just went out to check the weather and I smelled spring for the first time. The air is warm and moist, and I swear that weeds have sprung up in my garden overnight! We expecting high 70's today, finally my kind of weather.

    Our neighbors had a lovely reception this weekend as the wife had her ordination. This is a second career for her as she was previously a midwife for many years. It was a multi-religion celebration. Her husband is Jewish and many of their friends are Sufis. Her husband made a brisket that was out of this world. We feel lucky to have such interesting and loving neighbors. She'll be a wonderful chaplain - she's working a the local university hospital. Her oldest son is definitely on the spectrum - it's facinating how many of these kids live in our neighborhood. He just graduated from college - I'm wishing them all luck with the next step.

    Everyone have a great Monday!

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  6. Andy

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    KJS - Sorry about the flooding. I so hate wet feet and we usually get a lake in front of our garage every Spring. I hope difficult child has a good day today.

    Esther - What a fun week you have. Enjoy your festivities which will be made special with your family at home.

    Wiped Out - Be safe on those roads this morning. I hope your neck gets to feeling better soon. Wonder what it is about necks lately? Aren't there a few others on the board having problems? My neck an shoulders have been stiff and I have a rash on my shoulder - I think it may be stress?

    Marg - Do they need to look at renaming your "Good News Week"? Or maybe start looking for "Good" news? Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    One Day - Enjoy you Spring day today!

    Yep, hard to get up this morning. I stayed up way too late last night. We have a blizzard on its way with snow starting tonight and lasting through Wednesday morning. I think I will just plan on staying home tomorrow. I will let everyone at work know not to expect me tomorrrow and probably Wednesday morning. Fortunately liked Wiped out pointed out, this will not last long - roads will most likely be dry by the weekend.

    I don't know what is going on with difficult child. His anxiety is starting to creep up ever so slowly. He is coming up with wierd things to be frightened about again. Like "Mom, I have three black spots on my body." They are freckles. "Can your arm do this? Mine can, I am afraid because I don't think it should be able to." I think it is about his NYC trip. He is a little afraid of going with out his dad or me.

    Oh well, I better get going!

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.

  7. Marguerite

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    Andy - it's comedy. They often find the funnier stories as well as poke fun at the serious stories. The humour is very Australian but we often have international guests on the show.

    I'm glad you're staying home tomorrow, I was worried about you with that storm on the way.

  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. I woke up to sea fog. It's very neat to walk in. Unfortunately, I was up a few times through the night with one of my puppies. She has taken to needing a few more outings through the night. Not my favorite activity. I'm now looking forward to returning to home with a fence in the yard. I would love a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep.

    KJS, stay dry.

    Wiped out, you have had a very disrupted household for the last few months with both easy child and difficult child having various levels of outbursts. I'm sure it contributes to the neck/back/cold/inflammed lymph nodes. Hope you feel better.

    Esther, your Purim celebration sounds lovely. I love the comfort foods of holidays. I am getting wider as I sit here thinking of them.

    Marguerite, your Good News Week reminds me of the show in the book Demon Headmaster. I think it was called "The Eddie Hare Show". The style is not common here in the states but hysterically funny to read about.

    1day at a time the reception that your neighbors had sounds lovely. Don't you just love to meet people who are unique and different from oneself? Makes life more interesting. There are different ways to live a fulfilling life.

    Andy, sorry to hear about the creeping anxiety. My difficult child went through a period of 2 yrs with the onset of puberty where he would have one concern and it would grow into an obsession that blew us away. It took over his life as well as ours. Hope this passes quickly.

    difficult child seems to be doing well but of course, little is asked of him while I am away from home.

    easy child went to visit our old hometown over spring break with some of his high school chums. The real world of "you can never go back" hit him. Things change and he has moved on to another chapter.

    Hope you have a productive day. Keep your fingers crossed that some of this post hurricane bureaucracy gets ironed out this week for me so that I can get home.