Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, May 11, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Another weekend has come and gone. Mother's Day this year was better than last thanks to husband and easy child. (i'll not be including difficult child in that). A hug and I love you from easy child made my day (as well as a well thought out gift on her part-nice but the best was the hug and the words). Oh and did I sleep yesterday. I must have really needed it because even with all the napping I did yesterday I still slept well last night!! I did manage to get to the club and mow the lawn!

    After school today easy child has a psychiatrist appointment. and difficult child has tutoring. I'm taking easy child and husband is taking difficult child. Then after dinner at some point we are hoping to get to the health club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful, no meltdown Monday.:peaceful:

  2. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I am glad you had a good Mother's Day and caught up on some sleep.

    I also had a good day yesterday even if I couldn't take difficult child bowling. Our bowling alley started their Summer schedule yesterday which will make it hard for us to find time to bowl until school is out. They are closed on Sundays and close at 3:00 Mon - Wed.

    I took difficult child and Diva to Applebees last night. Diva told us some info about her boyfriend. It was so funny - she says that he took cooking classes and then when he was giving her a massage, she said, "What, did you go to school for this?" because he did such a great job. He replied, "Um, it was an elective." They were also watching a show where Jeff Foxworthy was telling guys that if they have anyone female in their lives, they were being trained. Diva said that was not true, boyfriend was already done with those lessons. He is making her very happy though without much of a life outside of her is starting to be a little clingy. She said he was not happy to not be invited to a trip to Fargo with another friend of hers. She has to make sure that keeps in check. I know she will not allow him to start controlling her.

    Nothing on the schedule for tonight.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  3. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon (WO), I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day in spite of difficult child. I hope you get to the health club this evening.

    Andy, I'm glad you enjoyed dinner at Applebee's last night. It's good that Diva has a mind of her own and won't let her boyfriend control her. Sorry about the summer schedule at the bowling alley. However, summer is almost here!!!

    This morning the sun is out but it's still pretty cold. I sort of look like this:coffee2:... I wish I could go jogging but I have to attend a meeting at the school for difficult child 2.:warrior: It is the very last meeting before our attorney and the school's attorney meet with the hearing officer to schedule a hearing date. I know today's meeting is a total waste of time but it is necessary. I'll just be so glad when all of this is over!!!

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :sunny: WFEN
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you had a good Mothers Day. Sounds like today is well organised.

    Andy, Diva sounds like her boyfriend is a treasure. Might give Raoul a run for his money... however, I do agree, she needs to make sure he has his own interests too and doesn't lean on her to provide all his entertainment. A secure confident man is one who likes his women to be secure and confident also. Like my husband...

    WFEN, it's the time of yer when you dress in layers in the morning then peel them off by midday, and gather them up again by evening. We're in similar state, but at te other end of the year.

    I'm checking in late (my time) after a BIG day. We were up at 5.15 am to leave half an hour later. We first had to get sis-in-law & brother in law to airport, then head in to difficult child 3's school. husband was with me and driving. I had an all-day meeting while husband & difficult child 3 were settled in an office nearby. husband wirelessly hooked his laptop into the network and spent his day happily working on his engineering project while difficult child 3 was settled with a school wireless laptop, plus had various teachres dropping by to see how he's going. We also had to organise his writing test (handwriting plus typing) to complete the application for his special provisions for the state exams later this year. I was able to pop in and out of my meeting to keep up with everything and have it ticking along. I was glad they were close by, it meant my brain was working but my body was getting a nice rest (especially with husband doing the driving!). We'd even had an early morning catnap after the airport drop-off, because we were so early, we beat the peak hour traffic into the heart of the city. The school is in a little oasis of calm, within spitting distance of the harbour, but it's like a village there (just add drug deals on every corner, however). During the daytime I feel perfectly safe walking around the area, even letting difficult child 3 take himself to the burger shop. Glad we don't live there, though.

    We headed home at school's end and miraculously missed the traffic again. Must have been riding the crest of the wave again. husband stopped to buy some hardware and we got home just after 5 pm. I'm tired, but still functioning. difficult child 3 has gone to bed without argument (unlike last night, when he was teary and tantrumming).
    We just had mother in law up here for dinner (a pre-planned throw-together of leftover curry and pea-and-ham soup) because I KNEW she wouldn't eat properly, a combination of being exhausted from two weeks of visitors including a son-in-law she can't stand, plus being upset at saying goodbye to her only daughter. While mother in law was with us, sis-in-law rang to see how her mum is. It all was good to see it dovetail together. mother in law has had a healthy home-cooked meal (which was easy for me to do), I've emptied out a lot of leftovers from the fridge, difficult child 3 has also eaten a bit more than he has lately, and husband & I look like having a (relatively) early night with no traumas. Good. We need a chance to take some deep breaths and relax at last.

    I do love sis-in-law and mother in law, but they are a strain. The less said about brother in law, the better.

    And I had thought that easy child had missed greeting me on Mothers Day (despite the perfect excuse - honeymoon!) but at the school today, husband got our email and found that just before midnight last night, she had emailed a home-made card from Thailand, a photo of her and sister in law being cuddled by elephants! Plus a lovely close-up of a Thai orchid, a photo undoubtedly taken by sister in law.

    I hope I have a better relationship with my sister in law than mother in law has with hers.

    Won't be hard.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Monday Morning all. It's a bit dreary and drizzly at present.

    Wiped out, sounds like the rest and positive experiences with husband and easy child were good for your wounded heart.

    Andy too bad about the bowling. It sounds like you really enjoy it. Love the diva has a mind of her own and isn't so devoted to having a boyfriend that she doesn't have a life with anyone else. Bad business when boyfriend or girlfriend take the rest of a person's life away.

    WFEN, sorry to hear there is no jog ahead for you. Hope the meetings go well.

    Marguerite, I have been thinking of you. Hope you are feeling well and rested. How exciting about a honeymoon to Thailand. From this part of the globe it seems very exotic. Are they able to communicate and fend for themselves or do they have touring help? husband and I had a very small 3 day honeymoon within driving distance of home. We had to get back to work and had absolutely no money for anything more. Fortunately over 28 yrs we have had increasing chances to see the world but I have never made it to your part of the world.

    We are doing well. The process of difficult child getting into the system is moving forward at a faster rate. difficult child will be meeting with folks without me. TG! I am just in the loop as his memory and cueing master. : )

    easy child has decided to return to college in the fall but not NYC. He will go to U of Central Florida. Detante has happened finally at Mrs. Fran household. I'm not 100% happy and neiither is he. Sounds about right. He was very appreciative and loving when he called on Mother's Day so that's good.

    We are in new dog mode for now. Lots of fun and a bit of work.
    The plan today is to get out pots, buy all the plants and dirt then start on the container garden. Lots of work but it's good for the soul.

    Hope your Monday is productive.
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Good to hear from you, Fran. I'm glad your easy child called you for Mothers Day.

    easy child & sister in law are mostly organising things themselves on their honeymoon. They have been sending emails when they get internet access in their hotels. They booked late and so got cheap accomodation. The exchange rate has just shifted further in their favour and so will enjoy their upcoming accomodation for even less.

    They are staying away from the major tourist locations and trying to see the REAL country, not the noisy, gritty cities. Tonight they are on the train leaving Thailand and heading into Malaysia, starting with Penang. husband & I spent three days in Penang on our honeymoon, three days when we did little more than sleep because I was so unwell and exhausted from Kuala Lumpur.

    We've been getting an email from the kids almost daily, it's been wonderful. Very different from our own days. My own memory of Penang International Airport was a whitewashed room with a ceiling fan lazily rearranging the heat and humidity; rice paddies alongside the (small) runway. Guards with machine guns slung off their shoulders. Smaller than a NSW country airport. I believe it's very different now.

    The kids have another two weeks away. They will head from Penang to KL and Singapore. They have a list of places they want to visit but have built in a lot of freedom into their own self-organised itinerary. They're backpacking, everything they have fits into a backpack each. The larger pack has a smaller daypack which zips off while the larger pack stays in the hotel room. I love it - but it wouldn't have worked for me and husband, I was suffering from kidney infection on our honeymoon, I was post-surgical and couldn't have used a backpack.

    We had fun on our honeymoon, discovering secret places and special spots off the tourist track. It sounds like the kids are doing the same thing. Can't wait to see al ltheir photos and hear their stories!