Good Monday Morning!

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning. :coffee:

    I survived Duckie's pool party anf the clean-up aftermath. Thirty-three kids make a whole lot of mess! Not much on the agenda today except a quick trip to Walmart.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    I just can't seem to get myself going today:bloodshot: - Nothing an extra strong cup of coffee can't fix! Today is supposed to be hot, humid, with possible thunder showers late this afternoon. I think if the sun would just make an appearance for at least a short while, it would help me wake up!

    Today is the first day of difficult child 2's and easy child's summer vacation. easy child has a doctor's appointment this morning. Other than that and a few errands, not much on the agenda for today.

    easy child cleaned the bathrooms for me yesterday (although she let me know she wasn't happy about it) and husband washed the downstairs floors:D. I'll ask my rheumy when I see him later this week how much exercise I can realistically do without doing any additional damage to my foot. I think if this continues, I need to find a more joint friendly type of exercise even though I really enjoy jogging.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile today... SFR
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    Good Morning TM,

    Can you delete my GM post and add it under yours? Hope this makes sense! Not fully awake yet! (was interrupted by an early morning phone call - Lost my train of thought) Anyway, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like at a pool party with 33 kids, never mind the mess!!! YOU ARE A BRAVE PERSON, lol!!! You deserve a few days vacation, lol...!!! Hope you get lots of rest today!!! SFR
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  4. tiredmommy

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  5. Wow TM,

    33 kids! You must be exhausted.... Try to take it easy today, I'm glad there's not much on the agenda.

    I'm catching up today myself after my weekend visit with my Mom. 5 hours of driving is just enough in my mind to make it a long trip! She is physically doing quite well - but is a little down in the dumps due to the upcoming anniversary of my Dad's death. It's been 10 years, so hard to believe... We worked on projects around her house, did lots of shopping , and enjoyed some good meals. Her heat pump gave out Saturday night and we were able to get a repairman to come repair it - if you can believe this - at 10:30 PM on Saturday night! It was a very good thing that I just happened to be there.

    At any rate, I'm just worn out after all that activity :) husband and difficult child took the opportunity to make a huge shopping try to Frye's while I was gone. I came home to boxes and packing material scattered from one end of the house to the other, but they were good and took care of their mess. Fortunately, I'm working at home today, so I don't have to make the trip to the office.

    Everyone stay cool today... find some moments of peaceful relaxation for yourselves!

  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-Thirty-three kiddos at a pool party? You get a cool mom award!!!

    SFR-Yeah for easy child cleaning the bathroom even though she didn't want to. I hope the sun makes its appearance so you can wake up a bit more:)

    Valerie-I'm glad you were at your mom's when the heat pump gave out. I'm sure it was a huge comfort to have you around close to the time of the anniversary of your dad's death. Hugs.

    Home from boot camp a little worse than when I went in but hopefully nothing serious. We were doing an exercise when it felt like something snapped in my hamstring. Of course, it didn't because I kept working out but not with that exercise and now sitting or stooping really hurts. At one point I needed to tie my shoe and tried to bend down and husband ended up having to tie it for me.

    Long morning ahead. difficult child has a therapist apt. and then I have to drive him to where his camp will be meeting which today happens to be an hour. If he didn't have the therapist appointment he would go on the bus with the other kids.

    This afternoon I'll be napping!:)

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  7. Marguerite

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    A very quick Monday g'day, before it turns to Tuesday. I still have to go shower before bedtime carefully. My skin is finally breaking down from the treatment, so I now have dressings. Still, I got through 5 weeks of treatment before it got this bad. Two days to go... and I see the oncologist tomorrow for the last time during treatment. Next appointment is 6 weeks away, by which time it should have healed up from the radiation.

    husband gets his next rabies shot tomorrow too.

    It's really cold here, we just had the coldest day for 2 years and tomorrow will be colder. The wind is coming right off the snow and it's bleak. Clear skies, which means no sky blanket to keep warmth in.

    And I have to have lukewarm showers, no hot water permitted. I've got the bathroom heater warming up the room for me as i type this!

    Enjoy your Monday.