Good Monday Morning

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Good Morning All,

Looks like we're in for a weird weather week. Yesterday it was sunny and 83 which is way above normal (I finally got last year's tomato plants out of the ground-yes I know they should have been out last fall :rofl:). Today the forecast is for 70 which is still above normal but by Wednesday and Thursday I've seen forecasts for only 49 or 59.

Long day ahead as tonight difficult child's music class is performing downtown at the Overature Center. Should be fun as he gets a spot where he plays the drums.

I hope everyone enjoys their day and finds a reason to smile. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, looks like we posted at the same time.

We had a good weekend for the most part. I took kt out shopping for much needed clothes - that was a nightmare.

"I can't be fashionable if I don't get this, mom!" Well this was far too low cut & suggestive for kt & I put my foot down. While we found a few cute outfits in kt's mind "I look like an old woman".

The fashion battle starts enforce. I'm considering hiring kt an 80 year old personal shopper.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good morning!

Sharon I hope the performance is lots of fun to attend. Great that he got a spot playing the drums.

Today is Monday....another week. It is to be in the 80's today. I little much for me, but maybe it will not be humid. difficult child doing well. He goes after school to do interviews for a school project. This is a big step for him with needed to talk to people he does not know to put together a presentation. easy child has me angry. He is 17 and going off to college in the fall. I told him I wanted him to get a summer job to save for college and look for a part time job on campus for spending money and he does not feel he should need to work until after college graduation???? I wonder what makes him feel so entitled.

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Linda-ROFL about kt and shopping-an 80 year old personal shopper sounds like a great idea-can I borrow her for easy child when you're done? :rofl:

Oceans-Good luck to difficult child with the interview. I'm sorry easy child doesn't see the need to work-hopefully he will soon.


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And here's someone else who was posting at the same time! Lucky I checked...

G'day Sharon. Did you plant new tomatoes or are you hoping for some self-sown ones? Time to put some basil in where t he tomatoes are going.

Linda, clothes shopping with pre-teens and teens is always a nightmare unless you have an unlimited budget and feet of steel.

Oceans, enjoy your weather. even PCs can be short-sighted and not plan ahead. How does he think he's going to live? He is expecting you to pay his way, maybe?

School's back, for us. At least it is tomorrow, officially. Teachers went back today so I made difficult child 3 do some schoolwork. Didn't get a lot done, but this first day always helps him begin to focus on work. This will be an extra short week anyway - it's Anzac Day on Wednesday.

Here's hoping he has a productive school term, because for the last three weeks of it, we'll be away. I told him tonight, the more work he gets done before we go away, the less he has to do while we're travelling.

We bought a rain gauge last week but didn't get around to putting it up yet. And now it's raining, and it's too wet outside to put it up! Not raining a lot here, except occasionally, but enough to keep me from hanging out the washing and from doing anything outdoors. Enough to water the garden at last, but of course none of it is falling where the city needs it - in the catchment area. Other beachside suburbs are flooded, but not us, thankfully.

Have a good Monday, everyone.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good morning ladies.
Sharon, the concert sounds like fun especially with difficult child on the drums. Glad the tomato plants got pulled out. I didn't plant any yet. Ours usually harvest by the end of May. I don't think there will be tomatoe's at the Mrs. Fran house this year.

Linda, shopping is tough on me. My kids aren't clothes conscious but they seldom wear what I pick out. I can only imagine what it's like with girls. You have my sympathy.

oceans,I had the same conversations with my easy child. LOL. He is a pretty motivated worker and is lined up with a job for the summer but he isn't so sure about working during school. We will give him the first semester to use his saved funds and go from there. I do want school to be the priority but I think they appreciate it if they have some personal money invested into their own education. Besides a job on the weekends can help keep them away from frat parties and a lot of craziness the first year. At least I hope so.

The houseful of teens have left for the trek home and back to school. Finally some quiet. Amazing how many towels you go through with 4 teens. So today will be laundry and the normal Monday morning routine. husband left with the teens but he heads for NYC for a few days.

difficult child has a job interview today. Keep a good thought that it is "the one" that will help him find his niche.

Have a productive day. Hope your difficult child's wake up pleasant. </span>


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Good morning all

well its 57 degrees and raining out there :rolleyes: no fair!! lol

maybe we will get our summer soon eh? We are having a weekend away in 4 weeks so am praying that the weather will reach the 80's by then :rofl: we REALLY need the break, its been a stressful year so far! difficult child is going off on camp with his school that weekend so at least i know he wont be trying to get into the house knowing we're not here!


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Good morning! :coffee:
Sharon- I think all difficult child's cyber aunties will be sitting in the front row tonight, lol! :flower:
Linda- I hate shopping for my six year old, can't imagine a tween. You have my sympathies. :surprise:
Oceans- Perhaps easy child will understand the value of working when his wallet is empty? :rofl: It's good to hear difficult child is doing well with his project. :warrior:
Marg- I hope the drought ends there soon. Sydney is too big a city not to have a sustainable water supply. :smile:
Fran- I'm twisted like a pretzel, praying difficult child's interview goes well today! :warrior:
Lisa- I hope your weather turns soon. I've always found April to be the most difficult month to get through. :rolleyes:
Boring day here... I have to drop off some stuff for our church rummage sale from a neighbor this morning. Then it's shopping and groceries. Duckie had a great day yesterday. She's got the balance & pedaling down on her bike, but is so excited about riding without training wheels that she forgets to steer, lol! :rofl: We ended up walking over to a local restaurant for dinner then meandered home through a local church's historic cemetery. It's very interesting to see the names and dates. :thumb:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :bath: