Good Monday morning..

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Good morning friends,

Looks like you all have taken the Memorial Day holiday to sleep in. Try to remember today those who have given their lives for our freedoms.

Not much on the agenda today - hanging about the house; kt's PCA will be in around 2 this afternoon. I have 3 new pieces to get down before piano lessons this week - hoping to get some time to practice.

Enjoy the day - keep it calm. :flower:


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Good morning Linda & all to follow, :coffee:
I hope today stays peaceful for you. When is your next recital? :flower: Duckie's is next Sunday. She needs to decide her piece: Old McDonald or Hush Little Baby.
We are not having a good morning here. :devil: Duckie fooled around for an hour and a half after going to bed last night and woke at the crack of dawn. There was a hairball & a cat fight. I'm so done already. :grrr: I've told Duckie to stay in her room until breakfast because I will not deal with her antics this morning and I chased the cats into the basement. We're supposed to go to a theme park for dance weekend today but I'm very concerned about how she'll hold up. :hammer: Wish us luck.
Have a great day! :smile:


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I actually chose yesterday to sleep in - stayed in bed til almost 9:00 - eek!

We are going to a cookout at my sister & brother-in-law's house today. I have to make a mac salad this morning and get the cooler ready. Yesterday it was in the 60's and rainy - today promises to be much nicer - sunny and in the 70's - maybe I can get a bit of sun on my very white legs before I scare our neighbors when our pool is up and running.

difficult child has been doing really well since discharge last Thursday - let's hope it lasts. easy child got a new bathing suit and is so excited to wear it today that she is already asking me if she can put it on now for the picnic.

Linda, I hope you get some quiet time to practice your piano today!

TM, hope you make it to the theme park and hope Duckie holds up wonderfully and you have a great day.

Hello to all who snuck in.

Happy Memorial Day.

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Good Morning All,

Linda-Enjoy your day and piano practice!

TM-I'm sorry the day isn't off to a great start-I hope things turnaround and that it turns out to be a great day.

Jamie-Sounds like you have a nice day planned. I'm glad to hear difficult child is doing so well. by the way, I know the feeling of wanting to get some sun-I'm feeling a bit pale these days too!

Not much at all planned today. We want to go to the health club this morning-it's our long workout because we will do both cardio and weights. Only other plan is to take a nap!

Enjoy the day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:
Good morning all!

Linda, enjoy your easy day.

TM, wishing you luck.

Jamie, hope the weather cooperates for your cookout.

I'm feeling so much better. If ya missed it, I ended up at the ER yesterday (details in the watercooler). I can breathe again. My head feels better. Coughing has subsided greatly, and I am doing everything I can not to cough even a little...I cannot believe how bad my side/rib muscles hurt from coughing so much the past 2 days. Takin it easy today.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. Remember what today is about. Find something beautiful to look at.



I know today makes me sad. I had a good friend growing up. She was Indian (not india but Indian) Her mother told us that when all little boys are born that means there will be a war. Myself and several friends all had little boys that year. Sure enough, gets to the ripe age of 18 and there is war. Several of easy child's friends have not made it back, and several more are still there. easy child's best friend was called (he is in reserves) He was able to extend his leave by going to school to be a sharp shooter. Which means he will be on the front line when he leaves. Very hard on easy child. Very hard to know those kids, and know what their parents must be going through.

Sounds like everyone has great plans for today..even if it is just R & R. I work holidays, so rarely get to enjoy.

Thank all your vet's today, and think of the others and their families. Glad to notice in the paper that many little girls are being born!!

have a good day

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Good morning everyone!

We had two blissful days of sunshine and light breezes. Today it looks like a little rain. We opened out pool, now we just have to get it sparkling.

difficult child is miserable without her car and license, but such is life, right?

easy child just left for the parade. Holidays such as these always remind me of my dad, who fought in WWII. Such brave young men. There was an aricle in the paper this morning, honoring a young 25 year old man who lost his left arm and leg in Iraq and said he felt lucky to be alive and have so many good friends in his life. That humbled me. There are so many others to honor today.

Anyway, I feel blessed to be alive, that my family is safe and sound and for my friends, both live and virtual. Have a lovely day everyone!


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Good Morning All!

I hope you all enjoy your day!

it's nice to be able to sleep in as, difficult child and i had a crazy day yesterday, we spent most of the day in the car, we took one wrong turn on the way from the cabin to his grandparents, and yikes it turned out to be an hour mistake. Today it's nothing but a rest day! Have a good one


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. Happy Memorial Day to all and especially those who have been in wars, had losses in combat or otherwise have been touched by the military. Thank you.

The wild rumpus at the Mrs. Fran house continues. We had a barbecue last night with friends while easy child invited some of his gang(we weren't allowed to have a graduation party) It was a Jamaican theme with reggae music. It turned into a lovely evening with all the teens in the pool in their clothes. They are a cute bunch and had a great time. They included the two nephews in their fun. I did get a graduation cake despite easy child's reluctance. He did thank me after for the great party.

No word from difficult child. Hope that's a good thing.

Hope you all have a good day and relax. It's what I hope to do. </span>


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Timer Lady,

Good morning to you as well. It is so very nice that you come on everyday and wish everyone a good morning. I can sense you have a bright spirit about you, how refreshing, considering I'm the "woe is me" type. I could use a bit of daily sunshine. Everyday I look for the "good morning" post, it puts me in a better mood, so thank you for that.

Wishing you and everyone else a day filled with peace and smiles. :smile: