Good Monday Morning

pigless in VA

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We are actually still having spring in central Virginia. Most years we go from winter to a couple of spring like days and then jump right into summer. It is still rainy and cool which is fine by me. I need to run the heat a little in the car on the way to work, but by afternoon I switch over to air conditioning if it's been sunny.

I feel well-rested which is much needed to head off to work with those wild and crazy middle school kids. I don't know who decided to remove recess and daily P.E. from middle school kids, but it was a poor decision. These kids have a ton of pent up energy.

Have a lovely morning.

Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everyone

Drifting mist above the water this morning. Temps in the lower 30s, but the house feels nice and warm.

All kitchen plumbing issues dealt with admirably by D H yesterday.



We found the first tick of the Season last night. (Yikes. Where are the tweezers and duct tape.)

Wishing you all a wonderful, productive day with lots of time for hugs.

Giant ones.




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Good Morning! The first 24 hours are in the rearview mirror. They were relatively peaceful. I will be interviewing home health providers who will be a total blessing to me. I will be spending a great deal of time on the phone trying to setup other services. I am doing surprisingly well at ignoring his nonstop complaints and down right ugly comments.

The kitchen is almost finished. The backsplash will be installed today. I am going to really enjoy it.


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Good morning, ladies.

Having some blood work done this morning, and I'm HUNGRY!

After I have breakfast, I have nothing serious planned - work on my class, do some cleaning and sorting, take a walk...

Wishing everyone a "no melt-down Monday!"


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Missing first day of work to see an ENt for nasty ear infection. Very sad I cant go to work, but tomorrow.
Sunny today!!!! If I feel better I hope to take a peaceful walk.

Have a great day.


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Good Morning!

Cedar, I had to laugh at the tick comment. This was my first tick-free weekend this month! They LOVE the woods Jabber and I bought apparently. But this weekend we didn't go...and so I got a day without arachnids biting me.

Which isn't to say I didn't get wild mushrooms! Friday my neighbor found HUGE amounts of Chicken of the Woods.


IN HER FRONT YARD!!! Yep. Jabber and I go tromping thru woods 45 minutes from home three weekends in a row and get little to nothing, she walks out her front door and finds 20 lbs of least. She got another big bunch from the neighbors yard up the street!

But on the up side, she had us over for dinner, served us "Chicken" and biscuits - and gave me 5 lbs or so which I made into the same dish yesterday and sautéed and froze some for later. Yummy. Really kind of tastes like chicken. :)

Had a busy, yet unproductive weekend. But topping it all off was - My kid got a job!!! :wootsmiley:

About damn time.

Must, work, work. Later! :D

Tanya M

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Happy Monday everyone!

It was a nice weekend, rainy, but nice. Hubby and I were watching Robin Hood (Russell Crow) and the next thing you know, it was watching us. We both fell asleep and had a nice afternoon nap.

It should be a nice quiet Monday at work, always is after month end.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

My kid got a job!!! :wootsmiley:
That's awesome Lil.

I am doing surprisingly well at ignoring his nonstop complaints and down right ugly comments.
Hang in there Pasa. If all else fails, hands over your ears and say LA LA LA LA LA.


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It's fun reading about everybody's doings over the weekend and what they're planning for today.

I had company all weekend, so it was a little chaotic, but fun. Got three of the grankids out boogie boarding. It is so wonderful for Difficult Grandson to be out there. His anxiety is finally low enough to allow himself to do that kind of thing. It's great to see him so darn tired and sun-, wind-, and wave-blasted that he has no energy for meltdowns. And it's a confidence booster for him, too, besides just being plain fun.

I helped teach Zumba at a fundraiser for Benioff Children's Hospital on Sunday and we helped raise 80K so far. It was two hours of UJam and Zumba on the cement pool deck. My feet and hips hurt this morning, but it's nothing compared to what a child (or anyone) with cancer has to go through.

Back to the salt mines. Mondays and Thursdays are my most brutal days, so I'm hoping all the teachers and classroom aides came to work today. I had a class last week where the teacher and every single aide (moderate/severe therapeutic day class) was absent. Yeah. You can imagine how that went. The kids did surprisingly well with it, actually, and the other teachers and aides pitched in, so it could have been worse, but my lesson plans kind of when out the window.

pigless in VA

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Cedar, did you know that dogs can get a Lyme vaccine? I had to request it from my vet, but I did due to the fact that Bingo surfs in the tall weeds and grass at the farm. I can frequently spot nothing but his ears. My mom's dog got Lyme disease and suffered terribly, so she suggested the vaccine.

HMBgal, we suffer if only one aide or teacher is absent. I think I'd run screaming for the hills if everyone were out one day.


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Well, it's like me to be a day late and a dollar short, but Good Monday Afternoon! Hubby and I spent the weekend in a lovely small town in Wisconsin to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. We even went to a polka festival and had bratwurst--the full Wisconsin experience! This morning, the cleaning lady at work asked me if I'd been on vacation since I looked really refreshed. (Makes me wonder what I look like the rest of the time!)