Good morning, Friday

pigless in VA

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Spring has sprung in central Virginia. All the trees are blooming, daffodils are up and open, and the birds are singing their heads off. SO and I are headed to the farm for the week-end. It is winter still in the mountains. The little town is having their Maple Festival this week-end and next week-end. I don't much care for it as hordes of people come to it. The town doesn't handle the parking very well and the traffic is gnarly. The farmhouse isn't in the town, so we can get away from the crowds. Normally, we barely see anyone in town, so the thought of having to negotiate crowds (thousands) of people is odd.

Ferb is staying in Richmond. He hates the farm. Candy is staying with friends. Bingo will be yodeling when I get home from work this afternoon. He somehow knows when we are headed to the farm, and he gets excited.

What are you up to today?


Sounds like fun Pigless. The weather here in southern Ontario isn't quite like spring yet although we have had warm days ...just enough to tease us out of this long winter. Planning to watch old movies, maybe do a drive through Niagara tomorrow and find a new restaurant. that and read!


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This is our last quiet weekend before its hubs birthday and a trip to Chicago to see granddaughter the weekend after. So i am just going to be lazy. Right now its still cold here (5 degrees this morning) but its supposed to get up to the 50s this weekend. That feels almost tropical to us in Wisconsin :). So maybe hub and i will go to our peaceful, beautiful and friendly spot...a dog park out in the country.

Have a good one!!
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Missouri is bipolar. Last week it was in the 70's. This week lows in the 20's (wind chills in the teens) and highs in the low to mid 50's. This weekend is supposed to be 66 both days, then back to the 70's. It switches about every week. This weekend MY plan is yard work. We need to do some things on our hunting property - we bought a cabin, one of those ready-made shells, and it should be delivered in about 6 weeks and we need to get the site prepared. But, we don't have the ties for the edges of the foundation, and there's not really much reason to go until we do. But the remaining fall leaves and scraggly garden and landscaping at home? That we can take care of.


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Cold here in Chicago. Thunder storms and a tornado in the beginning of the week and snow yesterday. I think it's bipolar here too!

Everyone's plans sound marvelous!! Hubby and I chilling all weekend. I'm making a new chicken and stuffing recipe tomorrow. Maybe catch a matinee Sunday.



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Supposed to be 70 degrees here in Central CA. Working today - fourth grade - and it will be beautiful when we go out for PE. Granddaughters' BD party is tomorrow.


Bipolar here in AL too. Sunny and 60s this weekend, our trees are budding and things are blooming.

Lacrosse game Saturday, and I officially start my job Sunday morning, of course I have been prepping for awhile!

Hubby is in full Prison ministry swing through the end of April , so some time every week and Saturday goes to that.

Happy Friday


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This is my last day in Tx. Going home tomorrow. I have been here for over a month, and it will be good to get home, though I am anxious about leaving my daughter. I have a few things that I need to do this coming week, though. Mine and daughter's dentist appts, dance group pictures, etc.

My wonderful hubby has come down here to drive us home. He has been here all week, helping with things.

We may drive it all in one day, or may take two. Just depends on how we feel.

Have a great weekend!



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We have had a lot of cold weather and rain storms here in California this year, so I am happy to say it is finally in the mid 70's this week. Don't know how long it will last though. This weekend is a typical weekend for me. Housecleaning and laundry tomorrow, a trip to Target, and just relaxing on Sunday. Son will be at his dad's so it's just my daughter and I. Hopefully she treats me decent this weekend. All in all, same old same old around here. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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Leading a Zumba class on Saturday, changing all the beds in the house, a good long sit with a book (Hidden Figures), then a memorial tomorrow for a 50 year old woman with mental illness that finally lost the battle with her demons. We know her parents very well, their other daughter and our daughter have been best friends since grade school. They have an amazing support system and will be fine. It was a life long struggle for the whole family. Very sad, but I hope dear Pati will rest in peace.