Good morning, friends


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Not ours, but not that far off from what we'd end up with:

After all, they had real beds in medieval tents. (And apparently got busy in them!)



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I don't really like gardening or landscaping.
Me too.

I like the end result, of course, fresh veggies, so I put in a garden.
Same here.

I like the end result of a neat and orderly yard, too, so I do my yard work, but I keep it minimalist as possible.
Absolutely. Including turning some grass into hard-surface, because I don't really need to cut half an acre of grass. I have better ways to get exercise.

I don't do flowers
The only flowers I do are... perennials. The kind that I can plant once and forget about for 5-10 years.


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If anyone is a citrus specialist, let me know. My lime tree sets fruit but it drops off when they're still really tiny. Other than that, my garden, after years and years, is more or less self-sufficient except for the few annuals for color I plant here and there. With the drought here in California, we had to get rid of most of lawns and have planted California natives. The bugs don't bother them, the gophers won't eat them, we don't have deer because we have a couple of mountain lions and bob cats run the show in the hills behind our house, so it's pretty easy. I have a big galvanized tub (it's a livestock watering thing) and my granddaughter plants stuff in there. Right now it's full of celery. Next time you buy celery, put the bottom part in some water (after you've cut away the stalks) and pretty soon you'll have roots growing out the bottom and new leaves and stalks starting. We put it in the tub when it got kind of hand in the house and it bloomed and reseeded itself. I must have two hundred celery plants out there. She takes her friends out there and they eat the leaves. So funny.