Good Monday morning, May 16

pigless in VA

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We had a whirlwind trip to the farm. The leaves have unfurled on the trees, and the grass was about two feet high. A bird has built a nest in the bluebird box, but I didn't see the bird. It was still very chilly in the mountains, and we had sleet yesterday morning. Bingo is sleeping in this morning after chasing groundhogs.

Have a refreshing morning.


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Having first cuppa. It's supposed to be nicer today, but I'm going to work, then have an appointment so will be a long, busy day. Am going to start getting ready now so...have a peaceful day from Nowhere, Wisconsin ;)


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It's raining today. I will be on the phone trying to get a tech to come out because my brand new dryer is not working grrrrrrrrrrrrr. They always break when you have a full load of stuff you can't hang to dry.


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Supposed to be in the 80's today. I'm working this morning - second grade - and have morning bus duty. This afternoon, I have clean clothes to put away and a book to finish reading.

Hubby finished the catio Saturday evening. They have been sunning themselves and seem to be enjoying it.

I really need to clean out my car. Stuff is accumulating again.


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Morning all. I'm at work and not working - lol - as always. But I do need to get on the ball. Only two hearings today and then I'll be taking off to take my little blind boy to the vet for his follow-up. It's a cold and rainy May morning!


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SWOT: A new appliance going out? Bummer! Appliances are supposed to be labor saving, not headache inducing. My Seattle daughter bought a new dryer and within three days of installation, it was making weird noises and not working. At least Best Buy came out and gave her a brand new one with no fuss. Good luck with yours.

I had a good weekend with Difficult Grandson. Jungle Book Friday night, rode bikes with him on Saturday, then boogie boarding on Sunday. The water is so good for him! He found a new friend to hang out with while he was out in the waves and my husband was talking to his father and this little boy has lots of the same issues as DG has--anxiety, ADHD, etc. The boys were so cute giving each other high fives out there when one or the other of them would catch a little wave.

KTMom, I hope the kids are kind to you today, or at least not too obstreperous. I think they are feeling as done as the rest of us are on campuses everywhere. The school that my grandkids go to is an environmental science-themed school, so they have Ocean's Week this week and it's always a big deal with lots of activities, so it's a lot of work for the parents and staff, but it's a magical time for the kids. The whole school (well, it's small with only 300 students) is transformed into ocean scenes, science projects and activities going all week, and the kids love it. This school also seems to put most of their field trips toward the end of the year, so the kids have lots to look forward to.

Feeling the end of the school year coming fast, sniffing the barn as it were. Lots of tough meetings from here on out, with the last one being June 1, and then I'm off to Seattle to be with my daughter, who's 35 weeks pregnant now. It looks like she may have picked up her three-year-old son's stomach flu, but too soon to tell. She feels awful. Last time she had the stomach flu, she started having contractions, so I'm hoping that that doesn't happen. I'm a 13 hour drive away, and flying into SEATAC takes just about as long by the time you can even find a seat on a plane and the problems with huge waits at the airport to get through security. So, send some of your wonderful juju my daughter's way if you could. We need to keep Baby Hannah baking a little longer!


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Good morning! We got back from Asheville late Saturday night, a long day of traveling. Gosh, they keep making the seats on flights smaller and tighter, price of air fare doubles, seats are halved!!

We had a wonderful visit with my Mom and brother. Got in quite a bit of hiking, even hiked a bit of the Appalachian trail!

I had that sad feeling leaving my mother, at 91, you just never know......she's in great health, no medications, looks great, just a bit slower all around.....

I realized a huge perk about retirement is that coming home from a vacation I don't have to go back to work! That was a big realization and feels as if I've settled in a tad more to this retirement thing. No racing off to work today......another beautiful day in Paradise!


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I convinced my husband to go to urgent care yesterday morning to have his finger looked at.

He had been dealing with a bout of gout in the same hand on his ring and pinkie finger so had been taking medication for it. This pops up when he tries to do the Atkins diet.

I happened to notice Friday night that his pinkie finger at the top joint was not straight and was bent over a bit. He insisted it was due to gout swelling (minimal) and that it would straighten out when swelling was gone...hmmmm. And only THEN he told me he smashed his finger a month ago in an industrial cabinet at a steel mill he was working in.......ah. Thought it was "sprained".

Sure enough. It's broken and he needs hand surgery. It wasn't due to his lack of having it addressed, just the way the break occurred, the tendon is not attached properly.



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Cool and overcast here. Cooler temps and rain for us all week. Yuck. Our weather just seems to yo-yo lately. Slept so well that I was confused when my alarm went off - thought it was Sunday. Pretty disappointed it was Monday and I had to get up and go to work. I am at work, too, Lil - and you see what I am doing. ;)

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Hi, Everybody

Sun is out and temps finally warming up a little. Don't know what I'm doing today, but washing screens and inside windows was supposed to be in there somewhere. No further incursions from eight-legged wilderness representatives after the one in the dining room on Thursday. Which I didn't post about because I get all traumatized and like to present myself here as a cool operator.


Wishing everyone a good rest of the day and a really nice evening.