Good Tuesday morning, CD peeps

pigless in VA

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It is still warm and sunny in Central Virginia. The azaleas, lilacs, dogwoods, and cherry trees are in full bloom. I have back to back P.E. classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We spent about an hour outside yesterday teaching some kids how to throw javelins and softballs. I had to fetch the balls. If only Bingo could come to work with me . . . But the weather was pleasant. Yesterday's strange thing that happened at middle school was that some kid threw the top to an ink pen at one of the gym teachers and hit him soundly in the head. I didn't see who threw it. There are too many kids in P.E. at one time, and they are an unruly bunch. I do what I can to help out, but the kids are always doing stupid things. At least the kids are basically kind to the Special Education kids.

Scent of Cedar *

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Pigless, I feel badly for that teacher who was hit with the ink pen top. It's about respect. Once that goes, how is it possible to head a class. That's terrible. Too bad Bingo isn't half wolf. Then, when you brought him to school against the rules, those kids would have something to worry about.


It is still dark, here. So I can't tell anyone what kind of day it is. We are in sunny Florida though, so chances are that the breezy and warm I usually describe will be today's story, too. I love it. The house is beginning to look so nice with all the cleaning I have been doing in preparation for leaving it that I want to stay here. Let's see.... Our neighbors are having their house demolished to make way for a new one. The wrecking crew were here yesterday. I got to sit in the backhoe and they took my picture. When I sent it to my kids? The caption was: "Another busy day for Mom."


Wishing everyone a nice day.



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Good morning Pigless and Cedar! Nice to see this again after all these years! I did substitute teaching for a number of years. Did PE one time. It was very difficult for me and told them I wouldn't do it again. Do your assignments change each day or week, Pigless?
How many months are you in Florida, Cedar?
Hubby had the unusual experience yesterday where his consultant work took him out of town overnight. He is a professor and does a fair amount of outside work. Last night I fell asleep with all the lights on, the tv on in my living room, I forgot to take my medications, and I let the outside cat stay in the bathroom because I'm afraid there might be a raccoon outside. I just checked on her and she is stretched out on the carpet, but the kitty litter box looks like it's been through a war or something. She is not familiar with them.nUgh!

Wishing all a good day and what is it ...use your armadillo skin if needed!

Correction: rhino skin...I think that was the expression
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Good morning, friends. It is going to be nice today in WI.

Today hubby and I are driving to jumpers school for orientation to her criminal justice program. Took her two school years to finally get there.

Yesterday I was hired back at Goodwill. I love the job, the people, everything but the pay but thats I'm as excited as if I'd gotten promoted to the CEO of a company.

Thursday I see a hemotologist fir my low white blood count. Its always been low but its been lower since my accident. I feel great. But I do worry about health concerns. On a good note, rest of blood count was good.

Have a great day, everyone!!!


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Good morning everyone!

SWOT - hope all goes well with your tests. Glad you like the new/old job! I know you said you were eager to get back to work.

It's supposed to be 71 today in mid-MO - but raining. Not enough rain to make the mushrooms grow good, so basically just enough to annoy me. :p

I have only one conference today, so better get myself to work pretty soon and play catch-up on my typing while I can. I always bring my breakfast and eat in my office - so that kills 30 minutes of the day right there. Nothing like getting paid to eat. (Actually, I'm salaried, so I get paid the same no matter how little - or how much - I work. LOL) I will have to move my car in an hour though - parking in this town is ridiculous. You'd think, State Government being the biggest employer, they'd have planned some darn parking lots that aren't 4-5 blocks (literally) from the buildings.

Other than work, nothing happening today in Lil-world. :)


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Good morning, ladies!

Supposed to be close to 90 again today. I don't do well in the heat. I plan to work on my classes until it's time to meet up with my mom. She's throwing herself an 80th birthday party, and we're touring another venue this afternoon.

A nap may be in order as well.

Have a wonderful day!

New Leaf

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Aloha Kakahiaka,
A beautiful morning, sky full of stars. I will get my walk in today. :) No doctors appointments, so I will try to get some power cleaning in between everything else.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.



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Good Morning! I am fairly new but wanted to chime in. Sixties in Chicago today with rain on the way.

Lots to do before we leave for our vacation to Fort Myers on Saturday. Want to give dogs a bath before I go so my middle son can let them sleep with him as he is watching them for us. Packing, wrapping up things at work etc.

Will see our Difficult Child when we are there next week for the first time in six weeks. I have a rash on my chest and a few other minor stress related issues in my anxiety to see him. Want to, miss him, love him but he stresses me out.

Have a peaceful day!

New Leaf

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Walk failed, hubs woke up with a horrible headache, hands got a workout massaging his head. Oh well try again tomorrow!