Good Tuesday morning, CD peeps

pigless in VA

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Bingo is already on squirrel patrol. Often he sleeps in, snuggling on the comfy bed, but it seems that the warm weather is calling him to the yard.

The vibe at the middle school was off the chain yesterday. One of the teachers told me that the collective excitement is weather related. On days like yesterday, there is usually a fight; it was two girls this time. I had just walked through the bus lobby on the way to the gym with Jack, when the P.E. teachers sprinted by us headed for the bus lobby.

I saw a girl with a t-shirt that read: Can we start the week-end over? I think that is how everyone was feeling. The weather is nice, and no one wanted to be at school. I expect more zaniness today.


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I am about to schedule my windows being replaced in the house. I am using my new kitchen for the first time today. This is totally exciting. I was able to finally get a rental car yesterday so I am rolling in comfort today. I was prequalified for a car loan yesterday with good interest rates should I decide to go that route. We had more hail yesterday but it missed me by a half mile. Life is good.


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I don't want to be at work. I have the easiest schedule ever today...literally it's a typing day, when I type up hearing decisions and catch up on office work...and I can't think of any place I'd rather be less.

Except maybe home with Difficult Child.

We actually didn't have a bad night, but I'm tired even though I slept like the dead. Preoccupied with worry. I find myself worrying a lot these days. I'm worried about money and my kid and the fact that my car is 6,000 miles overdue for an oil change! I'm worried about work and the fact that I keep forgetting to get stuff done, like send in my cafeteria plan receipts, book doctors appointments, etc. I'm worried about my little blind boy dog and his eyes are looking bad. Took him to the vet yesterday - $$ and may have to take him to the ophthalmologist $$$. I need to start on the damn kitchen cabinets but I have to get a work space cleaned out...and buy varnish and such. My car needs licensed next month, which means we have to pay our taxes - because we didn't in December $$$.

@Jabberwockey , Honey...we need to crunch some numbers.

So yeah...Stress level is a little high right now. :help:


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Well, I have had wonderful morning of cleaning. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I do enjoy the end result.

I went through my daughter's clothes and got rid of so much today. She has grown like a weed this year. Daughter has classes once per week for half a day, so today is my day to do anything needing done.

All the windows are open, and have been for days. Tonight, more rain, but for now, cool breezes.

Have to do some shopping today, which I am not looking forward to, but also must be done.

Anyone else?


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Almost bedtime... We are in a storm watch for most the evening. Starting to rain, but no hail, tornadoes or high winds, so we have been lucky! Some areas had tennis ball size!

I am hoping oldest DGD can handle a full day of school. It will be six days since she had her wisdom teeth removed...and is taking longer than the average recovery time. Made it to one class today, then wanted to come home. Sigh. She is very dramatic about everything.

Tomorrow, I get a haircut and a chiro adjustment. Highlights of my week!



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I am hoping oldest DGD can handle a full day of school. It will be six days since she had her wisdom teeth removed...and is taking longer than the average recovery time.
I'm going to give her - and you - all of my sympathy. Mine came out one side at a time - and 10 days of recovery each. It really can be that brutal.


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Thanks, ID... She has always been a difficult patient. She seemed fine until I reminded her she needed to work on an essay, due almost 2 weeks ago. She did 2 pages on her own, then got overwhelmed. Suppose to be 6 typed pages about food allergies. We managed to get to 5.25 pages! Which she thinks is 6 pages as the last paragraph is at the top of the 6th page. She took this culinary class as she thought it would not involve homework. But some students were disruptive, so they all had to do a big report... And she needs every single credit to graduate... Sigh... KSM


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I agree! I should have said she got two pages done two weeks ago... And I could say it was worse than pulling teeth, but now that she's had that done, I am not sure which was worse! Actually, the essay caused more tears and grief than the wisdom teeth did!! At least there were pain pills for the teeth... Not for the essay!! ksm