Good monday to all!!!


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G'day, Tracy.

Enjoy the peace and quiet at work.

We had 'fun' today, helping difficult child 3 break the back of his Geography assignment. I've not been impressed - the topic, globalisation, was just plain unsuitable (too 'waffly') for an autistic kid. I had to explain everything, over and over, using analogies. I mean, how do you explain about changes in the world to a kid who thinks everything always was and always will be, just as it is now? And that how it is for him is how it is for everybody? I really do think you DEFINITELY need theory of mind to discuss globalisation. And while difficult child 3 can now manage theory of mind, he's still fairly new at it and his abilities beyond this still need A LOT of work...

Oh, well, that's the difference between correspondence school and home schooling.

We've got cooler weather today; I'm told a lot of other areas are getting rain, but not us.

Tomorrow is Tuesday - always too busy for us.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.


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Good morning Tracy and Marg~

I am tired today. I went to a friend's 50th birthday party on Saturday night and am still 'paying' for it today. Slept like a log last night though...

I am excited because we're beginning to see some signs of Spring - the crocus greens popping up, snow is melting, the tree guys are out in full force doing yard cleanup. Excellent and hopeful.

difficult child failed her road test last Thursday and she was devastated, but she's feeling better today. We have a 2-month wait for her next test.

Have a great one everyone!