Good Morning Friday/NYE!

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    G'day, people.

    It's definitely summer here. mother in law has invited family tomorrow and I spent a lot of yesterday and some of today, baking foccaccia so we can have toasted ham, cheese and salad with foccaccia tomorrow as an easy lunch. My cold/laryngitis has freshened up, though. I noticed this morning that my sinuses are filling up and pressured. No, it's not my visits to the beach (no matter how much mother in law would like to blame them) because I'm not spending much, if any, time in the water. Sitting on the beach in a swimsuit, in high summer heat, does not put you at risk of a cold!

    I just admitted the sinus complication to mother in law - she now wants to cancel tomorrow's lunch. husband & I are both insisting she NOT do that. I think it's her hamfisted way of showing that she cares about me (as is her insistence that my going for a swim on Boxing Day caused the problem even though I was already sick the day before).

    I would prefer to be home in bed tonight, but we're seeing in the new year at mother in law's. We're taking an easy option, cooking frozen fish and potato gems in the oven. We would have bought takeaway, but in this village, the takeaway restaurants all shut at 5 pm. Crazy! We met a lot of other people at the supermarket also stocking up on frozen food and grumbling at the closed takeaway shop.

    Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter. It should be fairly pleasant here because the sea breeze will keep temperatures below "the ton" (100F). A cool change is forecast to come through late on Sunday.

    I went to the beach again this afternoon, but not really planning to swim. Then when I got there, I found a lot of bluebottles had washed in anyway. There were people in swimming and nobody got stung while I was there, but I wasn't going to risk it. We don't normally get bluebottles until late January. For those wanting to know what I'm talking about - look up Physalia physalis. Portuguese man-o'-war. I've only ever been stung three or four times in my life, the last time about 20 years ago. These ones form today will dry out overnight and if no more blow in, tomorrow will be more pleasant at the beach. After the family leaves will be plenty soon enough to go to the beach for a swim (maybe). But even if no swim - it was pleasant today sitting there on the sand, against my favourite rock, feeling the breeze and doing a puzzle. The place was surprisingly empty, but a small family played in the water. Maybe the rash shirts on the kids prevented the stings. Back when I last got stung, people didn't wear rash shirts at the beach. Now all kids do, and most adults.

    So enjoy your new year's celebration, however it goes.

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    Good morning.:happy_new_year:
    Marg- Enjoy your evening at mother in law's! I personally don't care for frozen fish... but it will do in a pinch. Enjoy the beach tomorrow and the forecast cooler temperatures.

    I simply must start my ritualistic running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off dance soon. We have friends coming by this evening and I still have some serious cleaning to do. But... my family is STILL sleeping!

    Have a great day!
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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Strange that all of your take out places close so early on NYE. The hot weather sounds really good to me right now!

    TM-Sounds like you have a nice evening planned. When they wake up have a list ready for them with things to clean!!

    difficult child is in quite the mood this morning-hopefully that will improve as the day goes on. In a bit we are planning on going to the health club-we never made it yesterday due to both husband and my backs hurting (we were moving things around in the bedroom). We did get difficult child there and played a bit of basket ball.

    Tonight is our night to order pizza and watch the old "Twilight Zone" episodes. I'm very much looking forward to it!!

    Wishing everyone a fun NYE!:happy_new_year:
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    Marge, I hope you feel better for your mother in law's NYE celebration. You would think that on certain holidays the take out shops would be open. They are sure missing out on business. difficult child wants me to have pizza delivered tonight but with us being snowed in and more snow starting this afternoon, I am not even going to call to see if deliveries are running. I don't want anyone driving in this. Our take outs will suffer a loss of business on one of their busiest nights.

    Tired, Your hard work today will pay off with a fun evening.

    Wiped Out, Order an extra pizza for us. I will be surprised if our pizza shops even try to be open in the blizzard being forcasted. We had about a foot of snow yesterday and our interstate is still closed this morning. Another system is starting this afternoon which is to bring about 5 - 6 inches of new storm but also strong winds. I believe our town will be at a standstill through sometime tomorrow.

    Well, as mentioned above, we are snowed in. A neighbor down the road tried to turn around in our driveway yesterday and got stuck. Really messed up the road spinning to get out. Then when husband shut the garage door, something snapped and pieces flew. He tried to fix it but can not. We are unable to manually use it and with the storm still coming, made the decision to keep the vehicles in the garage. If our road gets plowed before the next system arrives, the garage door people may be able to make it out. They said they are working today at places they can get to.

    I am thankful that Diva made it home - she as usual refuses to plan ahead of these things and ended up stuck near her friend's home. husband was in the middle of our garage door dilema and she got mad when I told her to wait until he could help. Instead, she and her friend got her unstuck and she brought her friend home expecting husband to return the friend to her own home.

    When husband got back from taking Diva's friend home, a neighbor asked if we could take one of their guests home. A young girl who had stayed over the night before but got very homesick when she learned she may be stuck away from home for another 2 nights because of the weather. The neighbor had asked the parents to come get her earlier in the day or she would be stuck there a few more days and the mom's reply was, "Well atleast we will not be listening to her whine about being bored at home." I can only hope she was kidding!

    Diva most likely will not make it to work tonight with the freeway closed and the next system starting early afternoon.

    Gotta run - garage door guys just showed up. I am not dressed and am going to hide in the bedroom.

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Marg, It also sounds strange to me that you can't get take out on NYE. Here, everything is open really late and you can get pizza's, Chinese food, etc... delivered. Well, there isn't any delivery in the part of town where I live but most everywhere else does a really huge delivery business tonight.

    TM, Hoping your family stays asleep long enough for you to get your "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off dance" done, lol...!!!

    Sharon (WO), Enjoy those Twilight Zone reruns!!! They're the best!!!

    Chinese food for dinner is a NYE tradition for us. husband believes it brings good luck - We'll see... All I know is that I'm really glad 2010 is almost over, lol...!!!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful NYE and a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!:happy_new_year:!!! SFR...:wine:
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Didn't mean to miss you!!! Hope the weather improves ASAP!!! STAY SAFE!!! Hope 2011 brings good things to you and your family... SFR:happy_new_year: