Good Morning Thursday


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G'day, people.

It's been an eventful week. The sun has been out for all of it so far and the floods are receding, at least near the coast. Inland will take a few more weeks; Australia is a big place and it takes the inland rivers a long time to flow to the sea. Along the expected path, towns have been strengthening their levee banks. Sometimes it doesn't work. We're okay, of course - we live on top of a hill, near the ocean. Our roads get cut by floods but otherwise we're fine.

difficult child 3's been struggling with schoolwork - personal organisation skills plus anxiety. He and I were arguing badly over his work, I have not known how to proceed. But I set things up with his teachers on Monday, and have a lot of stuff in place. difficult child 3 came in to school after college on Tuesday, met with SpEd who has taken on the role of daily nag (over the phone) and liaison with class teachers. difficult child 3 himself drew up a plan (with SpEd's help) which will involve weekly face-to-face lessons (on Thursdays). He's also got college coaching sessions on Wednesday after class. It's early days, but at least it takes some of the stress off me.

I took mother in law out to the neurologist today; I organise our appointments to coincide so we can go together. We got some shopping done too. It's becoming a huge effort for her physically, but she values her independence. I took an easy option for dinner tonight - a shop-bought frozen lasagne. husband just got home form work, we're about to head down to mother in law's to have dinner (which is why I rarely get to post the morning thread these days). Tomorrow is a day at home for me and difficult child 3, hopefully he'll get some more work done. Except I've got a niggling feeling I've got something on... that's right! SIL2's "Shave for a Cure"! It's an annual fundraiser and this year SIL2 is participating. His waist-length curly hair is coming off, with photos. Using my hair clippers! daughter in law is doing this too, in a few weeks. She's shaving her head close, she says. Sinead O'Connor...

Our weather is slowly turning to autumn but we never really had much of a summer. I might get to the beach tomorrow, rain permitting. Yes, more rain is on the way. I have to be back at the school on Monday for job interviews (I'm the parent representative on the current staff appointment panel), after two days of rain forecast. Pray the rain is light enough to not flood the road by Monday morning! At least I have the principal's mobile phone number so if I'm floodbound, I can telephone him and he can stall until I get there.

Ain't life fun? I need to get some beach time for physiotherapy while we have a few sunny hours before the rain tomorrow afternoon. The neurologist was most insistent, although he thought my idea of taking up bellydancing was definitely worth investigating as a way to keep my spine flexible and develop core strength.

Enjoy your Thursday. The weekend is nearly here!



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Good Morning Marg!

Sounds like difficult child is being called to handle more of his educational issues within and with others -- that's a good and necessary thing for his future! And, it will remove part of your stress which is always a good thing. You haven't had much of a summer and we haven't had much of a winter! It's mid March and we are supposed to hit 86 today! I almost cut the a/c on yesterday!

Busy day for me - thursday is always busy for me but I've got to leave a little early today because it's parent/teacher conference day at difficult child's school. The PTSA is provided a light supper for the teachers between school letting out and conferences starting. I'm on the board and we have mostly gotten donations. One of those donations are three platters bonehead is putting together for me down and the restaurant. So I have to leave the office about 1:15 or so and get those to school, help set up the teachers' lounge, then attend conferences! After that I am going to do the grocery shopping before heading home. But tomorrow difficult child and I are both off so I'm inching closer to that........

Hope your Thursday is a good one!


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Good Morning,

Marg-You sound as busy as ever-even more so. Sounds like difficult child drew up a plan with others help-progress. I hope the plan goes well!

Sharon-We are unseasonably warm as well but only went up to 77 yesterday-no complaints here! I'm glad you have a day off to be looking forward to:)

Unbelievably, we slept with our bedroom windows open yesterday! I know we have never done that in March before. The heat is off in March, not sure for how long but we are predicted 70s right through Wed of next week!

Making a new dish for dinner tonight-sesame fish. After that just a relaxing night on the agenda (well it's the plan at least, hopefully difficult child and easy child/difficult child will go along with the idea).

Wishing all a peaceful day!


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Hi you all sound very busy. I fell asleep around 9 last night and woke at 11 and have not been able to sleep since...hmmm wonder why?? LOL

Hey Marg, can they donate the hair??? Do you have any programs where they make wigs for people who lose their hair for whatever reason..... I can imagine a curly wig would be a cool thing that not many get to have (I know.... people with curly hair want straight and people like me....straight as a pin hair, want curly!)

Hoping today brings some good news.... really really hoping...but it is probably too soon.


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Hi guys. Buddy, yes, we have the option here to donate the hair. SIL2 hasn't decided yet. I told him to keep it in ponytail.

Gotta go get sleep.