Good Morning, Friday


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Good morning everyone! TGIF!

The first thing I do in the mornings is run to the front door to let Abby out to pee. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr * No snow here yet. They were calling for flurries overnight, but doesn't look like we got any. I have a feeling when it snows, it's going to snow :smile:

Dylan and easy child's psychiatrist was out sick on Wednesday. It's not a big deal for Dylan, we were just going to talk about stims. He's okay on medications, doesn't need refills, etc. BUT, easy child is on nothing. And it's bad. He's so stinkin' hyper and impulsive :frown: He's not being BAD, but you can tell he's so out of control goofy. I was really hoping to have him on something by now. I guess psychiatrist will call me as soon as he's back to work. *sigh*

Not much on the agenda for the weekend. Making up a new chore chart with the boys. Letting them decide what they'd like to do. They love that.



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G'day, I'm b-a-a-ack!

Janna, I hope you can get Dylan's medication situation sorted soon. Not good, especially when they're cooped up inside.

I've still got my cold, running a slight fever, but a bit better than last night. I got dragged down to the beach again but this time I did go in for a swim - the water is really warm, it was lovely. I ran out of energy though, and spent the rest of the time lying on the sand talking to my friend.

I had to drop back in on my friend tonight - I didn't stay long, I just wanted to get back home to bed (only now I'm posting this - I'm crazy!). husband was wanting to show me the comet (Comet 2006 p1, I think) and I could see it clearly from my friend's balcony. Unfortunately from our balcony there are too many trees in the way. It is so bright that at first I though it was the lights of a plane, in the distance, coming in to land.

It's a classic South Seas evening tonight - still warm, the ground still radiating heat, but a soft, coolish breeze keeping it pleasant. The faint smell of salt on the air and the distant sound of the waves - a bit rougher tonight. The sky is so clear the stars are amazing. It's full dark now, but the sunset was purple with a tinge of coral pink above. Just glorious.

I've got a big day tomorrow - another rehearsal session for the kids, technical rehearsal this time. easy child 2/difficult child 2 and difficult child 1 are used to this but it will be difficult child 3's first time have to wait around for technicians to get the lighting and sound right. He's been warned to prepare for frustration and boredom. I'm bringing a book and a pillow, if I can. It's going to be searingly hot (39C and more, that's over 100F) so I'm also packing some frozen water bottles. And I really don't feel up to this. But the show must go on...

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.



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Well i'm running late, and kind of grouchy today. We finally had a snow storm they were making a big deal out of it, yeah we got about 2 inches if even, but the plow drivers kept coming in all night, must be because we haven't had any they were a little snow happy! well need to run i am in a power struggle with difficult child right now, as he won't go start the car, i love mornings before medications.

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Good Morning,

Janna-I'm sorry the psychiatrist was out sick-I hope you can get another appointment. soon. I understand how hard it is when someone is out of control goofy. I hope you get your snow soon. We received just enough that I'll have to shovel tonight.

Marguerite-I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of you!

We had a nice dinner with sister in law and brother in law yesterday. I didn't sleep much last night-only about 3 hours so today will be a long one but am really hoping to get in a workout tonight!

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday-hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning Janna, Marg, Razz & Sharon.

I'm up early - have to wake kt up soon for school & drive her in this morning. I think this is going to be the hardest part of the transition home. No school transportation. School starts at 7 a.m. - she gets out at 1:30. This week it's just for one day. Next week I expect that kt will be home from Wednesday through Sunday.

Have a good one all.


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:princess: Happy Free Choice Friday :princess:

Janna, I think I would call the office and make sure I get an appointment as soon as psychiatrist gets back. If you truly feel that easy child is more hyper now that he was before stims, then you don't want behaviors to begin to escalate, especially at school. Sounds like you don't have a huge list of "to dos" this weekend - that's a good thing. Hope you can get some down time! :grin:

Marg, glad you are feeling a little better. The movie industry, even for the major stars, is a "hurry up and wait business". I've done some acting (stage) and some movie stuff (extras) here around town. Hours and hours for a few minutes! My cousin is a union set designer and works on most productions in the area (right now the HBO/Tom Hanks movie "John Adams" is in preproduction - filming begins here in a couple weeks). It's fun to go hang with her! Hope you get a good night's sleep :smile:

Jen, sorry you are grumbly :mad: today! It's friday, hoping your mood improves :grin:

Sharon, glad you had a fun dinner last night. Please send snow :smile:. My free choice for you is that the day goes quickly and you can get home and get a nap!!

My cleaning group comes this morning - I will tackle my sleeping porch (room upstairs off my bedroom that is three walls of windows - "back in the day" they would sleep in these rooms in the summer). I use it for "my" room. My sewing machine, scrapbooking supplies, but also Christmas wrap and overflow. I need to get in there and clean things back up. There are christmas bags, and ribbon and wrapping paper, and............well, you get the idea!!!

difficult child's blue marlin came out great! I bough him some floral foam and he came home and carved it and painted it and stuck a blue pipecleaner in it for whatever you call that long sharp thing! He was really intent on doing it himself. easy child came in and told him she would draw it on the foam then he could cut it but he would none of it!!

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a relaxing weekend.



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Good morning Janna, Marg, Jen, Sharon, Linda & Sharon.
Duckie celebrates her birthday in school today. First, she will be featured on the morning announcements (closed circuit tv),then there's a party at the end of the day. husband gets to travel through a lake effect snow event coming home from Cleveland today, please say a little prayer that he can get home safely.
Have a good day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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Happy Friday Janna, Marg, Jen, Sharon, Linda, Sharon, TM and all who sneak in...
we also had our first snow fall of the season and it does look pretty (that's big for me since I really do NOT like snow). Our plow drivers were out before the first flakes even fell yesterday afternoon - I think they are so bored with nothing to do they decided just to ride around hoping they could put down sand at least :smile:

things with difficult child are just as bad as they were when FM2 had him removed...his social worker is a total moron and thinks there's nothing wrong with him - imagine? This is the same man who never read his file and lied to FM about his violence and now he's judge and jury about his behaviours too...oh I hope someone gets it eventually and stops blaming the fosters and husband and I. Oh well...for now, husband and I have to try and move forward with our fight for a full time permanent Residential Treatment Center (RTC). We have a vacation coming up though 7 weeks from yesterday to Las Vegas (woo hoo!!!) and we both are soooo excited! (Fran, we need a little palm tree thingie to add to posts) :smile: The drive into work wasn't too bad and I'm just glad its finally Friday. husband and I are going out for supper tonight at Applebees and I'm already looking forward to that! Have a safe, warm and happy Friday my friends! * :smile:



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Just wanted to say hi. We're in a snowstorm. And it's gonna be a doozy of a one. 20-30 cms, please do the math. I needed groceries but I will have to stick with the expensive convenience store for this day.

Snow day for the girls! It's not like we didn't need a sleep in

Sorry I'm in such a hurry...too much stuff!